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Men’s Seasons develops natural, vegan, eco-friendly, effective, easy-to-use skincare products for men while respecting the principles of sustainability.

What makes us different
Innovative Concept
We’re all familiar with extreme weather conditions here in Canada! Skin’s needs change each season. To make men’s life easier, we have developed summer and winter lines that give men everything they need to face the elements. This concept is so simple and so obvious you’re wondering why nobody has ever thought of it before? We do, too!
Natural Power
It took years of relentless research to develop Men’s Seasons’ products. This work has enabled us to discover the perfect combination of Canadian natural active ingredients. They consist of tree bark extracts from Canada’s Boreal Forest. Our Winter Line contains Black Spruce bark extract and our Summer Line contains a mix of Black Spruce, Gray Pine, Yellow Birch, and Red Maple bark extracts. Our active ingredients are concentrated in our products to offer men nothing but the best.
Incomparable Quality
From harvest to bottling, all stages of manufacturing and handling of Men’s Seasons’ products are carried out with the greatest care. For example, we don’t cut the trees to get the bark extracts! We actually recycle the bark from certified local pulp and paper companies to transform it into scientifically proven skin effective active ingredients. The result: impeccable, eco-friendly natural products. Top that!

Clément Joubert

Our Story
Men’s Seasons’ great adventure began in 2014. Clément Joubert was looking for natural, effective and eco-friendly products in order to meet the seasonally specific needs of his skin. This determined visionary dreamed of an all-in-one, year-round, no-fuss healthy skin kit specifically designed for men. Since this concept did not exist, he rolled up his sleeves and worked hard to develop innovative products. Today, Men’s Seasons offers a summer line, and a winter line, to allow men to deal with the seasons with confidence.
Our Commitment
Men’s Seasons is committed to only putting products on the market that meet these criteria.
• Latest cutting edge research
• Meet the highest quality standards
• Without compromising efficiency
• Made of active ingredients derived from Canadian forest biomass conversion
• Locally made in small batches
• Reduced packaging and in recyclable containers
• For each boxset sold, Men’s Seasons plants a tree
• Subtle fragrance
• Pleasant textures
• No oily residue
• No-fuss

Men's Seasons

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