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Advancing Blockchain Technologies Eliminate Middlemen, And Re-humanize Commerce


Launched in 2014, Medici Ventures is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Overstock.com, Inc. that focuses on advancing blockchain technology to democratize capital, eliminate middlemen, and re-humanize commerce. Medici Ventures’ goal is to change the world by advancing blockchain technologies to allow everyone to participate in local, national, and global markets; eliminate friction-filled intermediary institutions in an effort to reduce costs, difficulty, time, and mistakes; and connect people directly with each other. Medici Ventures is applying blockchain and other technologies to areas such as identity, land governance, money and banking, capital markets, supply chain, and voting to build a technology stack for civilization.

MEDICI VENTURES Medici Land Governance work in Africa


Medici Ventures, named after the Italian banking family who introduced double-entry accounting to the West and revolutionized the world’s economy through innovations that propelled the expansion of international commerce, believes blockchain will change the world. With blockchain, humanity can build an impartial technology stack for a global civilization. By eliminating the need for intermediary trust institutions that stand between individuals, blockchain offers humanity the chance to connect once again and do business person to person. Blockchain technology can replace fear and fraud with trust, confidence, and the ability to transact and connect freely with all people.

The technology can simplify payments, while making them less expensive. It can ensure settlement occurs at the same time as the transaction, instead of waiting a traditional pending period that may last several days. It can bring major increases in global liquidity as tokenized assets trade without the need for the medium of fiat currency. It offers massive efficiency gains by cutting out the need for frictional middlemen in existing markets. By eliminating these expensive trust intermediaries, blockchain provides the ability to re-humanize commerce by allowing for increased peer-to-peer transactions.

MEDICI VENTURES Bitt Leadership at the ECCB

Medici Ventures’ family of keiretsu companies are bringing blockchain-based products into production to change the world with this groundbreaking technology. Keiretsu are networks or families of corporations that have interlocking interests in one another. Each company in the Medici Ventures family is encouraged to find synergies between others.

The work Medici Ventures is doing in the blockchain space, alongside that of its innovative keiretsu companies, has put the company at the forefront of blockchain technology, and placed it at the center of thought leadership and disruptive technology products. Its development teams work on projects ranging from bringing major populations out of poverty through proper land titling to an overhaul of securities markets. Each company in the Medici Ventures family is making valuable and substantial impacts through their work.

Medici Ventures’ keiretsu companies bring real and meaningful blockchain-based products into production. For example, the Medici Ventures company tZERO has new technology that allows for the trading of security tokens in a user-friendly and compliant manner. tZERO has launched tZERO Crypto, its crypto trading mobile wallet and exchange that allows for the buying, selling, and holding of cryptocurrency.

Another Medici Ventures company that is making waves in the blockchain space is Bitt, which recently partnered with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank to develop a Central Bank-issued digital currency for those in the Caribbean to use for seamless cross-border payments.

Medici Land Governance (MLG), another company in the Medici Ventures family, is focused on using blockchain and other technologies to help individuals and governments manage land titling and administration. The company is already working in three African countries as well as Tulum, Mexico; St. Kitts and Nevis; and Teton County, Wyoming to implement its land titling systems to bring individuals into the global economy with confidence and asset protection they have never had before.

Medici Ventures is building a blockchain technology stack for civilization. By providing money and banking technologies to unbanked and underbanked populations, capital becomes democratized.

Reducing middlemen and frictional roadblocks, while removing the potential for fraud and surcharges, brings humanity back to the days of true peer-to-peer commerce. Allowing people to connect and transact through technology and without burdensome and costly intermediaries both evens the playing field and re-humanizes commerce.

Medici Ventures

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