Luc Sirois

Executive Director, Prompt; Co-founder, Hacking Health

Over the past few decades, Montreal has bloomed. Bloomed into an intricate set of innovation ecosystems. A world-class technology hub. An AI beacon. Most importantly, Montreal has blossomed into a creative metropolis, or should we say, into a metropolis of creatives that dare to think, act, and do things differently.

At Prompt, a consortium that forges and funds high-impact industrial R&D partnerships, and at Hacking Health, a grassroots healthcare innovation movement with chapters all over the world, and together with all key actors in the community, we pioneer a new model of collaborative innovation, where frontline actors work with experts to invent tomorrow, where government funds are deployed to empower collaboration in R&D.

We bring together some key ingredients. Research-driven universities. Local businesses. Major global companies. Multiple communities in healthcare, 5G, AI, cybersecurity, UX, telecom, digital media, and more. Frontline users and actors. And spaces for them to work together. With these pieces in place, we multiply people’s ability to make their dream a reality.

We are proud members of Technopolys and of Quebec Innove, bringing the best of Montreal to the world. Prompt is part of a flourishing group of 9 sectoral organizations (known as RSRI – Régroupements sectoriels de recherche industrielle – in French) helping businesses and researchers work together, supporting 1,400 graduate students, 414 publications, 67 patents, and 283 technology transfer agreements, and 297 new products, in all key industrial sectors.

Join us, and help us help you make your dreams a success story.

FUNDING. TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION. PARTNERSHIPS. Breaking down barriers to innovation in healthcare.

Prompt & Hacking Health

Partnership Opportunities

Global Village World is accepting applications for joint venture partners, consultants, and ambassadors that have a passion for their city and want to partner with us in mapping out and promoting their local innovation ecosystem to the world.