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L’Oréal’s Purpose Is To Create The Beauty That Moves The World!

L’Oréal Portugal was established in 1962 as a subsidiary of the #1 cosmetics company worldwide, to serve the Portuguese market with over 30 makeup, haircare, perfume, and skincare brands. We have the mission to offer all women and men the best innovation in cosmetics in terms of quality, efficacy, and security.

Our superpower comes from our people. From L’Oréal’s founding, our culture has been about people, and created by the idea of a scientist that always understood that it is through the ideas, the interactions, the bonding and the ambition of people that this beauty company could make women and men, as well as the world, more beautiful. His most famous quote still lingers deep in our DNA: “A company is not walls & machines, it’s people, people, people”.

If people are the heart of L’Oréal, innovation is the brain. From the first harmless hair dye formula, created in 1909, to the creation of artificial skin to avoid animal testing & to ensure human safety, to becoming a digital-first company and constantly developing product and scientific innovation, to acquiring its first artificial intelligence/augmented reality beauty services brand (MODIFACE) in 2018, innovation has always been the way L’Oréal was able to keep creating the future of beauty. We are deeply rooted in a “seizing what is starting” mindset and this is our role as a leader.

With the will to innovate and create, which is so characteristic among the Portuguese people, L’Oréal wants to be the company that drives beauty professionals, beauty spaces, beauty influencers, beauty distributors and beautiful communities into the future.

When it comes to our responsibility, we are moving forward and taking care of the future of the planet through our ambitious sustainability program, L´Oréal for the Future. As leaders, we want to pave the way, using our Group’s worldwide leverage to make the difference locally and positively impact our environment and communities.

The world is becoming more and more omnichannel and diverse. Yet, it is likewise becoming ever more personalized to each individual. We are excited to see that we are present for all the challenges and contributing for the evolution of our market:

  •  The future of commerce is innovation driven by e-commerce and social commerce blending more and more with offline.
  • The future of diversity allows us to play a big part on the acceptance of others as they are, expressing their inner and outer beauty through our brands as they most wish and giving a voice to those who are still quiet but deserve to be heard.
  • The future of beauty is more and more technological, but at the
    same time more and more relational. And we will try to make every individual thrive in the relations they set with us and with others.

L’Oréal Portugal

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