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Karpman Consultant Inc., established in 1989, is a boutique consulting firm providing dedicated services in the area of lean manufacturing and productivity improvement to a limited and select list of elite clientele. Since we manage only a limited number of clients at any one time, we are capable of developing and implementing strategic manufacturing solutions within a very short period of time, allowing our clients to realize the full benefits of our efforts including their expected return on their investment with the absolute minimum disruption to their production line. In addition to the aforementioned, we provide our clients with the dedicated attention and accessibility that they deserve, providing them with the comfort and confidence of knowing that our team of seasoned consultants is there to walk them through the sometimes-difficult challenges that result in implementing changes to ingrained management strategies.

What differentiates Karpman Consulting from other consultants is our “Outside of the Box” approach to developing alternative manufacturing solutions as compared to the “Cookie Cutter” solution approach that other leading large consulting firms take. We pride ourselves on our ability to transcend traditional ideology by developing and implementing ideas, concepts, and strategies that go against the grain associated with conventional manufacturing practices. In addition, Karpman Consulting offers their clients diverse and unconventional remuneration/compensation packages including a fully guaranteed “client satisfaction” package which is unheard of within the realm of consulting services, which further demonstrates the confidence we hold in our ability to live up to our client’s expectations.

In advance of engaging in any mandate, Karpman Consulting will provide to their prospective client a complimentary audit of their operation (less travel expenses), including a full written report outlining the strategies that will be implemented, and the full benefits that will be realized through our direct intervention.

Although a majority of our clients have been in the apparel/non-apparel sewn products sector, we have successfully migrated our strategies and ideas to other industrial sectors such as high-performance recreational bicycles, decorative wall art, mattresses, furniture warehousing, and more. Furthermore, our expertise expands beyond the manufacturing environment. We have also developed and overseen the implementation of cutting edge warehouse/order fulfillment solutions for wholesale and e-commerce applications as well.

It is our experience, expertise, and imagination that have brought Karpman Consulting over thirty years of global success.

Karpman Consulting

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