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Just Grow-Society's Connection To Nature Through Gardening


Cesar Mendoza – Director of Engineering, Bekah Vigin – COO, Dan Holahan – Director of Operations, Djimo Serodio – CEO/CTO, Ed Williams – Director of Business Development, Monica Petrella – Director of Programming.

Just Grow is disrupting the indoor gardening industry with a sustainable solution that reduces the time, energy and cost needed to bring nature indoors.

Djimo Serodio (founder & CTO), began working on a product to help reconnect urban society with nature. After years of research, he found that global food production is the leading cause of disruption to the natural environment and that our disconnect from nature has led to the overconsumption of nonrenewable resources. Just Grow was founded in 2015 to provide a solution. The result was a sophisticated and sustainable gardening experience for the indoors. Just Grow’s garden, Malawi, is a compact yet complete living ecosystem that combines nature and technology to provide innovative adaptation to gardening for indoor environments.


Student at St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School

Just Grow is also launching a 501c3 educational branch, Just Learn. They believe STEM education is an essential way to cultivate the future generation’s interest with the environment and critical thinking skills. Just Learn has gardens in 25 classrooms in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties as part of an Academic Pilot. They are testing Malawi as a compact environment-based learning tool, developing inquiry-based curriculum and supporting teachers through professional development workshops that encourage their confidence in engaging students in STEM.


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