Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Founder & CEO - NoMo Nausea

As a medical professional, Dr. Jacqueline Darna was aware of copious antiemetics. However, when they didn’t work after her surgery, she knew she needed to find an alternative relief. Inventing NoMo Nausea bands, not only allowed her to hold her sweet baby girl but to help moms in the same position. Although perhaps initially difficult to encourage people to try something “untraditional”, NoMo bands have flourished.

"Our story began almost four years ago when I became the patient instead of the medical provider. The anesthesia from my emergency C-section left me sick and vomiting for days. Surprisingly, none of the traditional medications worked for me. Luckily, I tried Eastern medicine practices of acupressure and aromatherapy and I rejoiced in finding the perfect remedy. But, my search for a similar product in stores turned up empty. So, my first product, NoMo Nausea, was born."

- Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Clinical trials and hospital partnerships have expanded the reach of NoMo Nausea bands and their soothing power. Now with 5 product lines and products in 12 countries, Dr. Darna knows people are getting the help they need. People are not just imagining a day without nausea they are experiencing a full, adventurous and healthier life with NoMo Bands.

Vision Statement
I was in the hospital having my second child. The resulting joys of childbirth took a turn when my emergency C-section left me sick, nauseated and vomiting for three days. With no relief from traditional medication, I tried aromatherapy and acupressure, which worked! But, my search for a similar product combining these two powerfully soothing agents turned up empty. So, I created my own. After all, if it helped me, how many other people can it help?

NoMo Nausea Bands and other all-natural remedies will undoubtedly continue to develop a sense of open-mindedness, adventure and healthy living in the Tampa Bay Community. If people can imagine a healthier life, they can achieve so much more!

Tampa has a culture of trying new things, making it a beautiful breeding ground for entrepreneurs. From unique restaurants to water bikes,  open-mindedness is key. By being open to different possibilities, like all-natural remedies, people can experience their life to the fullest!

Travelers come to Tampa from all over the world, whether by cruise, plane or car. Products that increase the fun during an adventure and take away motion sickness, like NoMo Bands, will certainly succeed here in Tampa.

Healthy Living
Everywhere parents and individuals worry about medicine’s side effects, dosages and timing, pregnant and breastfeeding moms especially! So, the proliferation of organic, all-natural and healthy lifestyles are sure to popularize these products. Tampa’s culture is the perfect prescription for increased access to all-natural, innovative products, whether people are seeking a healthier daily lifestyle, comfortable pregnancy or just a fun vacation.

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