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Internet of People (IoP) is a digital cooperative with chapters in over 36 countries. IoP chapters have a shared vision for a free world and collaborate to create and promote privacy-enabled applications and a decentralized internet that everyone can use. IoP members include software developers and programmers, entrepreneurs, leaders and future thinkers, educators, and other diverse groups from various backgrounds. IoP uses blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies to fulfill this vision.

“Bitcoin limited the power of central banks, banks, and governments. IoP will limit the power of corporations, governments, and their spy agencies.”

IoP USA South is an IoP chapter operating in the southern United States, with a presence in Tampa Bay. IoP USA South promotes IoP’s vision of empowering people, embracing sustainability, and building a better future for those living within the Southern USA region, as well as globally.

At IoP USA South, we focus on educating about decentralization and distributed ledger technology and giving people the tools and resources they need to contribute to the local community and to further IoP’s vision of decentralization and privacy. In this way, IoP is unique in providing a sustainable model for incubating people and promoting global collaboration between local teams.

IoP also works in close partnership with Libertaria, a global movement working towards a freer, fairer, and more decentralized world. Libertaria provides IoP with infrastructure and technology. Among the many projects that the IoP community and Libertaria have under its belt, the most notable are Mercury, Titania, and Hydra.

Mercury is a revolutionary protocol which enables decentralized applications (dApps). dApps give privacy and ownership of data back to the end users, rather than large centralized entities and malicious actors.

Titania is the first ever OS for crypto, providing everyone easy access to dApps and crypto.

Hydra is a next-generation ledger protocol designed to support a true peer-to-peer global economy.

All three projects provide essential infrastructure and tools that IoP uses to carry out its vision. In the Tampa Bay Area, IoP USA South will continue to provide tools, resources, and “people power” to improve the local community, with a particular focus on decentralizing systems and processes to increase privacy and/or efficiency.

Our chapter is always open for talented and ambitious individuals to join and sharpen their skills, as well as learn new ones and navigate this brand new decentralized environment inside this booming industry. Individuals that share a similar vision, or simply wish to learn more should contact us, no previous experience or knowledge about cryptocurrency or blockchain is required. We will provide the support and resources to get you started to dive headfirst into this exciting new world!

Internet of People

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