AWeber - "How To Increase Team Member Survey Participation (And Make The Feedback Non-Anonymous)"

Hope Bear - Chief People Officer

Feedback is a gift.

The more information you can glean from your team members, the more engaged they will be at work. You’ll start to see more energy, passion, creativity, and inspiration on a daily basis.

In fact, highly engaged organizations have double the rate of success as organizations with lower levels of engagement, according to Harvard Business Review. More engagement can lower turnover, improve quality of work, and foster an environment of communication and collaboration.

We’ve seen the payoff of higher engagement at AWeber firsthand.

Each year, we conduct three to four engagement surveys to identify ways to improve our team culture. Within the surveys, team members can offer constructive feedback about benefits, learning and development opportunities, compensation and leadership.

When we began doing the surveys, less than half of the team members participated. We now get well over 75% participation rate.

So what’s the secret to achieving such a high participation rate?

We don’t just ask for it — we act on it.

Each department head is given every piece of feedback so that they can have the conversations one on one with their team members. From these, we learn that our team members have great ideas, and we ask them to personally help us come up with solutions.

As we do this, we start hearing feedback organically — not just in the surveys. Team members bring up ideas at lunch or in the hallway, and then present them to HR or leadership. Soon, everyone feels comfortable voicing their ideas on how to make AWeber an awesome place to work.

When we implement changes and solutions from the feedback, we make it a point to tell the whole team. This shows our team that we are invested in them, so they feel even more empowered to give feedback.

As survey engagement increases, team members are also more willing to sign their names along with their ideas. Our surveys are now non-anonymous!

By being proactive about feedback, our team has met more deadlines, shipped more products, and has had less turnover than previous years.

Truly remarkable results, as we’ve experienced, don’t happen overnight. It takes time to build trust and credibility. Create an environment that nurtures open and honest conversations.

When you truly value the feedback you receive, and consistently act on it, you can begin to effect real change and see incredible things happen within your teams and business.

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