In 2020 Holmes Place celebrated its 40th anniversary in bringing health and wellness into people’s life since 1980. Prior to the 2020 pandemic, Holmes Place was serving its members in 95 clubs across 8 countries. Despite the difficulties of 2020 and those ahead, Holmes Place feels that its comprehensive and holistic approach to health and fitness is needed now more than ever.

In 1980, in a residential neighbourhood in Chelsea, Allan Fisher and some workout friends imagined and created the health club concept as a place where, aside from exercising, people could gather all the conditions to create and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. They founded the first Holmes Place Club that quickly became a reference for healthcare and wellness. In Portugal, the first club opened in Quinta da Fonte, Oeiras, bringing a concept of workout and wellness that had never been seen before in Portugal. In 2017 the international headquarters moved to our country, with a new vision and perspective founded on quality and innovation. year, the brand acquired 12 additional clubs in Portugal and Spain, commencing a new chapter in its narrative of health and sustainability.

At Holmes Place we work daily on providing a good foundation for our members and this means investing sufficiently in technology and innovation. Accordingly, Holmes Place established its own Innovation Center here in Portugal where different ways to progress and evolve the health and fitness of our members are explored. The core products of the Innovation Centre are the exclusive group exercise classes which have often sparked fitness trends across Portugal and Europe whether it be in the pool, studio, gym or even at home.

The development of Holmes Place’s digital offering has proved to be essential over the course of the pandemic and, through the new Holmes Place App, providing exclusive content for members, we have been able to complement the face-to-face offer in clubs and to support our members in maintaining their healthy routines, anytime and anywhere.

With more then 10 years of experience, our Training Academy offers internal and external training, making sure that delivery and execution of the proprietary protocols are done with quality. The real difference however is the quality of the people delivering on this mission, our specialized and skilled professional who provide services in personal training, physiotherapy, nutrition and spa, all gathered in one space in the club or through the app to your home.

The Holmes Place mission is to offer a complete set of services for a balanced, healthy and, consequently, happier life. Here is where the values of the brand become real: balance, support, inclusion and progress. With this purpose in mind, a new approach to nutrition guidance was launched in 2019 with the Plant Based Kitchen by Holmes Place, at the Palácio Sottomayor club, in Lisbon; designed to be educational and inclusive this pioneering concept of having a kitchen in the gym, was inspired by the plant-based diet that values food in its most natural, complete, unrefined and processed form. The goal is to share and teach how we can all cook simple, creative, tasty and nutritious foods and at the same time make our eating habits healthier, adjusted to our daily needs. The well-being of our members is our priority and the membership options allow access to all classes and facilities of our clubs.

Holmes Place was awarded the “Consumer Choice” for the fourth consecutive in 2021 and, as the leading brand of premium health clubs in Portugal, it continues to invest in innovation and differentiation.

Holmes Place has been evolving as a brand over the last 40 years, and its growth and success has been a result of the dedication and passion of our teams of excellent professionals who every day help to make health and fitness enjoyable for our members.


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