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Our Mission Is To Create Digital Experiences That Amaze And Delight

Haneke Design is a custom software development company focused on delivering user-centered solutions for connected devices. Our core services center on iOS and Android mobile application design and development and website/web application design and development.

Haneke Design has been designing and developing mobile applications when the iOS and Android platforms were first made available and has been designing interactive digital user experiences for the web for over fifteen years. The Haneke Design team is comprised of a cohesive creative and dedicated group of designers, developers, and project managers all collaborating in our downtown Tampa office.

Our mission is to create digital experiences that amaze and delight.

Haneke Design, started in 2002 by Jody Haneke as an interactive design agency, was designing for desktops and mobile phones, pre-iPhone. Think back to the early days of browsing the Internet on your Motorola Razor; the challenge of designing for these different screen sizes was the Wild West of mobile design. But with this challenge, came the realization that mobile was the next frontier in all things tech. We thought, “If it’s this hard, it’s definitely worth something.” When Haneke Design began, we were designing for the screen, but not physically building the back-end development.

Since the shift from being an interactive design-focused firm to a full-stack development house, we aim to use the latest technologies and expand our services based on the needs of our clients and community.

We have expanded to creating mobile apps, websites, and custom digital solutions. In all industries, but especially in the tech space, being ahead of the curve is critical to a company’s success. The goal is to stay in Tampa and be technology company that thrives in this unique market.

When you are a tech company outside of the major industry hubs like California or New York, you automatically face an uphill climb, but we have fought to put Tampa on the map for this type of work. The first challenge is finding good talent. There were years where finding developers was nearly impossible in Tampa. But now with Tampa being a hub for young people, facilitated by our wonderful universities and local coding academies, the tide is turning for our city.

When we create these digital experiences, they should be as delightful as possible, easy to use, and become a part of the user’s day-to-day life.

Our office culture is very unique in that our employees are highly motivated by their work. At Haneke Design, we keep our employees on their toes by the type of work we bring through the pipeline.

We like to keep a variety of clients. Our client base ranges from start-up companies, to small to medium-sized organizations, all the way to Fortune 500 companies. This allows our designers and developers the opportunity to work with the latest technologies and motivates them to always continue learning and pushing their comfort zone.

Our goal is for everyone in the organization to become a mentor in a specific subject or technical skill. We will support the training and materials they require to become an expert in the discipline they’ve chosen. In return, each mentor will become the agency’s go-to resource that topic, responsible for educating and assisting colleagues as needed.

As we grow to become a nationally recognized company, it is so important that we stay in Tampa to achieve this mission. We are just one piece of the up-and-coming tech companies in the Tampa Bay area. We are all working together towards a day when someone asks about getting quality technology, and the answer they get is: ” You need a mobile? Oh, Tampa is the place for that”.

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