The changes that have occurred as a result of some of the recent events we have experienced (the pandemic, Ukraine war…) have already marked a before and after in the property sector. The consultancy firm CBRE published a study at the beginning of 2020 with very enlightening data on this subject. It reported that 30% of the sector did not have a digital plan for their company. When analysing this data, a certain digital immaturity was discovered: only 9% of real estate companies decided to increase their budgets to promote technology and boost their digital facet. Two years later, the reality is very different.

Proptech was born to fill a need: to create synergies between digital and real estate. Although it continues to surprise us from time to time, it was a necessary change in order to open up a new market in which sellers and buyers would be the main beneficiaries.

The pandemic led to some very positive decisions for the future of the industry. However, today, we must continue to listen actively to the industry. Through market studies, such as the one carried out by Housell, a tentative portrait can be drawn of today’s society and what motivates a homeowner to sell their property: 80% of homeowners in Spain would choose a telematic or digital service to sell their property. Furthermore, 51% of sellers in 2021 decided to do so with the help of an outsider. Selling is still seen as a tough and long-term process. 45% of Spaniards recognise that the main barriers they may encounter when selling a property are lack of time and the difficulties of the process.

In addition, in order to understand the current situation of the housing market in Spain, Housell is responsible for collecting and analysing information regarding the prices and sales times of housing in Spain in recent years. For example, the recently published data from its barometer shows that in the last quarter of 2021 the price of housing in Spain continued to vary, with rises and falls being common from one quarter to the next. Thus, the average house price in the last quarter of 2021 stood at 239,195 euros.

If the events of the last two years have shown anything, it is that the future of the Spanish real estate sector will be (and is already being) digital, flexible and transparent. Adaptability is another of the characteristics that has grown the most after covid. Therefore, it is essential to mimic the environment that surrounds us and to know how to reinvent ourselves and respond to demand. Pioneering solutions such as Housell Flex, transparent, customisable and without permanence, are increasingly finding their place in the proptech market.

In proptech we have to keep listening, learning, evolving and reinventing ourselves day by day to meet the objective with which we came into the sector: to think about how we can make the process of selling a house painless. The consequences of the last few months have only been a small step in the great revolution of the sector in our country and it is very interesting to see what is yet to come.


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