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A leading insurance company in Europe and Asia, Ageas Group has been present in Portugal since 2005, investing in the country as one of the main markets, and helping clients to manage, anticipate and protect themselves against risks and unforeseen events, so that they can live the present and the future with maximum security and serenity.


The mission of Group Ageas Portugal is to provide an emotional and meaningful experience in people’s lives, being a reference partner in insurance and the best workplace for entrepreneurial people.

Ageas has 1,281 Employees and 2,722 Agents in Portugal, to provide a service of excellence to the approximately 1.7 million Customers of the various trademarks: Ageas Seguros, Ageas Pensões, Médis, Ocidental and Seguro Directo. In order to diversify the business and be close to its customers, Grupo Ageas Portugal goes beyond insurance, providing an extensive offer of services through Clínica Médis, Kleya, Go Far, Ageas Repara and Mundo Ageas.

Nuno Horta Innovation Management Strategy and Innovation


Since its inception in Portugal, Ageas has focused on partnerships and innovation, driven by technology to achieve sustainable growth and to create social impact. Through a blend of internal and external innovation, facilitated by its innovation department, Ageas has been consistently running programs which foster the development of both incremental and breakthrough processes, products, services, and experiences.

Working alongside the several business units, innovation has brought to life projects such as the development of an automatic medical triage system, the Covid-19 symptom checker and several intelligent customer-facing chatbots. Designed from scratch, our projects Bright (travel concierge), Brella (micromobility advisor) and illi (healthy meal planning) were born from Ageas Innovation Hackathon and are being nurtured at our Corporate Startup Studio, with the support of NOVA School of Business and Economics faculty and students.

Collaboration with ecosystem innovators, in particular startups, is also a cornerstone of our philosophy, and for that we launched our Open Innovation Program, INsure, a partnership with international innovation platform H-Farm, which attracted >200 international applications and selected five (5) promising startups. And, of course, because innovation starts from within, we pioneered in intrapreneurship support, initially with idea generation platform Ding!, and currently with a full-fledged intrapreneurship program, INside, whose pilot edition counts with the participation of 44 intrapreneurs and 29 internal mentors.

All in all, Grupo Ageas Portugal plans to keep evolving and delivering superior customer service, through constant investment in capabilities and skills, based on a strong entrepreneurial culture, and promising to launch further exciting innovations soon!

Grupo AGEAS Portugal

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