GAME Credits and the Metaverse, the true final frontier of gaming GAME Credits has a long history in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. Initially launched as a proof of work chain back in February of 2014, As a company, GAME has experienced many ups and downs, bull and bear markets and seen many new technologies come and go. One thing that has been consistent throughout the entire time has been the focus and desire to improve the state of gaming through blockchain technology. Being the first gaming cryptocurrency in history, that is a duty that we take rather seriously. GAME itself is a testament to this, being one of the first cryptocurrencies created after Bitcoin many years ago. Before there were blockchains that focused on supply chain, sports, entertainment, shopping, health, real estate or many other key sectors, there was gaming. It has and will remain one of the most relevant applications for blockchain technology and crypto-currency.

Jason Cassidy, Owner and CE0

GAME’s evolution over the years has seen the company grow from focusing initially on the esports industry to embracing and leading in the areas of NFT (non-fungible tokens) and the Metaverse. That journey has come with some impactful lessons that we carry with us as we move forward. One of the most critical parts of this journey came in the summer of 2020 when GAME Credits moved off of its historical Proof of work blockchain and migrated over to Ethereum. This also meant that the GAME coin also moved over and became an ERC-20, which is what GAME exists as today. The decision to migrate over to Ethereum was one that was not made lightly. Careful consideration was given to the short, mid and long term impact of making such a large economical and technological move. Today, that decision has been validated as a wise one as Ethereum has blossomed into the defacto source for innovation within the blockchain
gaming, NFT and Metavese sectors. GAME is proud to be standing at the forefront of these innovation pockets and the move to Ethereum has opened the door to explore the possibilities of the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards. A large reason behind the move to Ethereum was due to the belief in the future of NFT’s. GAME Credits, as a company, has a high IQ for both all things NFT but also virtual real estate and the concept of what a blockchain-based Metaverse can be. First off, it’s probably a good idea to identify what exactly a Metaverse truly is. The Metaverse is a virtual space, often created with unique aspects that do not resemble the physical world. Metaverses are much more than simply a futuristic looking virtual world – they are the final frontier of all blockchain gaming.

The best real-world example that exists today for what a Metaverse could be is the film ‘Ready Player One’. In the movie, a futuristic virtual world co-exists with people living out their lives in the physical world. While the Metaverse is not yet ready to deliver on the entertaining take that is Ready Player One, the underlying message is still very accurate. The Metaverse is a place that extends beyond gaming, it embraces commerce, entertainment, education and a host of other key areas of day-to-day human activity. Metaverses challenge the strongly held notion of what constitutes a ‘game’. Second Life is another example of a virtual world that played more like a simulation of the real world than it did a game at times. Metaverses take this concept and expand it greatly, allowing for true business that normally takes place online, to happen within the confines of a shared virtual space. This opens the door for concerts to be held in the Metaverse.

What about education via universities and college campuses? Online learning becomes more engaging the moment you are able to interact with your classmates and instructors again. Shopping can also become an engaging and interactive experience once more when applied to the virtual world. Adding blockchain and cryptocurrency to the mix greatly enhances this effect. GAME Credits has always believed that the Metaverse will be where all NFT’s eventually find their true homes. Utility is something that the blockchain and NFT space are lacking, often falling short of offering much more than a graphical image and/or a sound bite. But things in the blockchain space evolve much faster than normal industries, demand to tap into the innovation vein that is blockchain is growing by the day. Allowing NFT’s of all types to enter into and have a functional home in the Metaverse is a priority for GAME. And it is in this ethos of giving the NFT world true freedom that GAME decided several years ago to begin building out its own Metaverse. This would be a virtual space that would allow for both personal freedom but also provide a measure of purpose and direction. Once the seed was planted the idea grew and took on a life of its own. The team at GAME Credits has well over twenty years of NFT and Metaverse experience despite these sectors only being a few years old as of today. This knowledge, coupled with a passion to do things differently, is what spurred GAME to create our own Metaverse. Enter, Genesis Worlds. Genesis Worlds is GAME Credits Metaverse, being released Q4 of 2021. Built on the Ethereum network, Genesis Worlds is a series of unique and distinctly themed planets that offer land owners and casual gamers alike an experience unlike anything they have encountered before. The goal of Genesis Worlds is to become the first 100 year Metaverse.

This is not just a catchy sales pitch but a true goal that has been thought out carefully. To that end, a governance system is in place along with a realistic roadmap that allows for a mixture of both company oriented and community based input. The Genesis treasury will be run by the Genesis Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that is tasked with building and growing Genesis, and by the Genesis community. When the community (or a community group) needs funds for a project, they make a request to the Foundation. The Genesis Hub holds both the up-to date vision for the entire Genesis project, and the governance tools to make changes to that vision.

Any community member can make a proposal, and, with enough support, make a fundamental change to any part of Genesis Worlds. Players will find they can visit any number of worlds and that each has its own distinct look and feel. What players can do in each world will depend both on GAME’s creative input but more importantly, on the communities. Building out land with the freedom to go in many fun directions is a quintessential part of the Genesis Worlds experience. Whether you are looking to explore, bring business into the virtual space or build something truly special. Genesis Worlds allows you to do that and much more. The Metaverse will also allow players to engage in quests, some community inspired and some delivered as unique content from the game studio itself. In this sense, there is truly no limit to what a player can do within Genesis Worlds, Cooperation and working in groups is strongly encouraged in Genesis Worlds and you will find many group oriented quests that reward those that are willing to work towards a common goal. The Genesis Metaverse runs on two tokens: World Stakes (erc1155 NFTs) and GENESIS Tokens (erc20) World Stakes allow their holders to manage individual worlds, with each stake represented by a 3d model of the world itself. Holding World Stakes over time enables holders to mine GENESIS Tokens. GENESIS Tokens are the governance and economic token for Genesis, allowing holders to guide the direction of the game, and make transactions within the game. World Stakes are bought and sold in GAME Credits using a bonding curve. This limits the total supply possible for each World, and ensures a fully liquid market for them. Owning a World Stake NFT lets you:

  • Mine GENESIS Tokens for yourself and the Foundation
  • Participate in governance for the World
  • Share in the economic activity in the World Worlds also contain plots of Land, which can be sold to players, used for community spaces, and granted to top content creators.

As you can see, we’ve put a lot of thought, passion and creativity into Genesis Worlds. As each day unfolds, more and more of our physical life ends up somewhere in the virtual space. And each day that unfolds, more of that virtual existence is finding its way into the Metaverse. We envision a robust future economy with Genesis Worlds, where students are taking online classes while down the street someone is seeking legal advice and using a practising lawyer to complete a business deal. The possibilities
become endless when you build something of value and ensure you are able to scale that solution to the masses. The concept of what a Metaverse is today will take some time to catch on, no doubt. It’s a novel offering to many still and blockchain and crypto are on their own a rabbit hole many have yet to venture down. All that being said, nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. This idea is the Metaverse, and Genesis Worlds is our way of offering value via in-game item ownership, creative freedom and the foundation to build a thriving digital economy. I hope you take a look at what we are doing and perhaps even show up virtually as a guest, we’d love to have you!

See you all in the Metaverse – Jason Cassidy, owner and CE0 at GAME Credits


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