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FIVE Labs - Medical Device Technology Development & Education


FIVE Labs is an organization that is at the intersection of medical device technology development and the education of surgeons and healthcare professionals.

FIVE Labs office building
In 2014, FIVE Labs retrofitted existing office building in the Westshore area to create a state-of-the-art surgical training lab and conference center.
FIVE Labs - Auditorium Our Story FIVE Labs was founded as an extension of the educational mission of the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education (FORE). FIVE Labs was designed to provide environments specific to learning and practicing with new surgical technologies. There’s a learning curve associated with any new technology but in the medical device field, the stakes are high. New medical technologies are often quite sophisticated, and some require training even for experienced surgeons. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce complications and improve patient outcomes by conducting these trainings. In addition to the training environments, FIVE Labs works with medical device companies, design surgeons, and engineers to develop new technologies. Using the latest software and onsite 3D printing and machining capabilities, we can quickly create and test working prototypes. This allows for rapid development and vetting of medical devices.
FIVE Labs - Pupello Headshot
Derek Pupello Founder and CEO of FIVE Labs
FIVE Labs - Classroom FIVE Labs - Tampa Room
FIVE Labs - Surgical training Lab
The surgical training lab can accommodate up to 30 surgical stations and over 100 people.
Milestones Nearly 5,000 healthcare professionals have been to an event at our facility since the opening of FIVE Labs in 2015. World-renowned physicians from across the U.S. and the world have served as faculty and taught the next generation of surgeons at our facility. Additionally, since 2015, we have had 14 patents issued for technologies developed in partnership with surgeon collaborators right here in Tampa Bay. Joe Leonard Lab Director Christopher Griffin Lab Supervisor

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