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The Florida-Israel Business Accelerator (FIBA) connects the Florida business community to high-performing Israeli technology companies, in order to address and solve their most challenging problems.
Our mission is to establish Florida as a global innovation hub. Technology startups thriving in our local economy attract new talent, drive new investment opportunities, and enhance the region’s reputation as a competitive, fertile ground for business. By encouraging Israeli startups to enter the US market with Florida as their base of operations, we connect individuals and companies to job opportunities, high-skilled talent, technological solutions, and innovation and showcase the region as a key center of excellence in healthcare, urban development, and security/defense.

FIBA team and 2018 cohort companies celebrating the conclusion of the program at FIBA's annual event Innovation Fusion 2018 [Left to right top to bottom: Shaike Schatzberger (UCCare), Tomer Schatzberger (UC-Care), Oren Rosen (eProc Solutions), Shalom Nakdimon (WiseShelf), Dr. Ido Sella (Econcrete), Roy Heller (Nucleon), Rakefet Bachur (FIBA), Oren Kedem (Intervyo), Shaked Lev (Say), Rachel Feinman (FIBA), Andrew Rella (Econcrete), Carmi Peleg (GlobeKeeper) and Pam Miniati (FIBA).]

Florida Gov. Rick Scott recognizing FIBA and cohort company, StemRad (Jack Ross and Dr. Oren Milstein), for bringing hi-tech to Florida in Israel in December 2017.

FIBA leverages its strong network of business executives, investors, government officials and leaders from the Florida business community, to provide market knowledge and validation, and access to investors and large corporations necessary to grow Israeli startup companies in the US.


FIBA has introduced 16 Israeli companies to Tampa Bay since its inaugural cohort in 2017. Some notable successes include:

  • StemRad established N. American headquarters in Tampa and hired Tampa-based employees following a $6 million investment from Tampa investors. StemRad also is developing and is soon to launch a medical product in partnership with Tampa General Hospital.
  • WeissBeerger was acquired by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest beer brewer.
  • eProc Solutions signed its first contract with a global corporation headquartered in Tampa. eProc Solutions completed pilots with over 10 additional potential customers.
  • Econcrete is working with the Port of Tampa on a pilot project. The company hired local a sales representative and a key strategic advisor and leased storage space in the St. Pete Innovation District.
  • Tevatronic secured a pilot project with the largest commercial grower of strawberries in Florida and is currently in discussions with a key strategic partner to expand sales throughout the U.S.
  • GlobeKeeper had a successful joint pilot with the local police and sheriff departments and has hired a Florida-based sales representative to cultivate over a dozen opportunities facilitated through the FIBA program.
  • UC-Care established a US subsidiary in Florida and leased office and storage space in Oldsmar. The company has gained the priceless advice and mentorship of a former US President of an Israeli medical device company.

Left to right: Dave Bevirt (SPP), Dr. Robert Bishop (USF), Kari Goetz (Tampa International Airport), Lakshmi Shenoy (Embarc Collective) and Ronald Ciganek (Valley National Bank) discussing innovation in Tampa at Dinner Fusion 2018

Left to right: Rachel Feinman (FIBA) moderating a conversation about innovation at Port Tampa Bay between Dr. Ido Sella (Econcrete) and Chris Cooley (Port Tampa Bay) at Innovation Fusion 2018

Shaked Lev (Say) presenting at Innovation Fusion 2018


In only two years, FIBA has received praise from its portfolio companies, local entrepreneurs and investors and the Florida Governor, Rick Scott.
“FIBA is like having a partner in the US who will always open doors for you and help you make progress at every stage.” Yaniv Shneiderman, Founder of BlazePod, FIBA portfolio company.
“The FIBA team presented us with business opportunities that completely changed our go-to-market strategy in the U.S.” Bob Reish, Operations Manager at WeissBeerger, FIBA portfolio company.
“FIBA has become one of the highest quality programs in Florida, and is clearly unique in its approach. I have personally invested in one of the companies and believe that Tampa Bay will become the U.S. headquarters to many Israeli companies over the next few years.” Marc Blumenthal, Florida Funders, Partner.
“My support for the Israeli companies stems from the fact that I believe that these companies can create many qualitative jobs and develop the state’s high tech. The FIBA project and the Jewish community will contribute both to the local and the Israeli economy.” Governor Rick Scott, The Times of Israel, December 2017.

Florida-Israel Business Accelerator

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