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Simply put, Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, borrows the concepts of physical robotics and applies them to computer processes. RPA software can perform many mundane, repetitive tasks that once required actual employees entering keystrokes and making mouse clicks. RPA software drives costs down, while efficiency and accuracy go up.

The problem is that most RPA systems are very expensive and very complex. That means there’s typically a large upfront cost, as well as a significant commitment of IT workers. This puts RPA out of the reach of virtually all small and medium businesses.

That’s where EnableSoft and its Foxtrot RPA software differ.

EnableSoft has literally changed the game by creating a robust RPA platform that is:

  • Easy to use.
  • Cost-effective for any size organization.
  • Scalable.

Many of our customers deploy Foxtrot at the departmental level without ever getting IT involved. That’s unheard of in the RPA marketplace. Setup is a snap and Foxtrot’s user experience is very intuitive. Any user can truly hit the ground running.

Unlike virtually all other RPA software, Foxtrot is priced to be affordable for even the smallest companies. Any organization that currently requires extensive manual data entry and manipulation can benefit from EnableSoft’s cutting-edge RPA technology.

As important as it is to make Foxtrot available for small to midsize companies, it’s also notable that Foxtrot is highly scalable. This means that even the largest organizations in the world can benefit from EnableSoft’s advanced RPA platform. Like their smaller counterparts, large companies can realize significant upfront savings from Foxtrot’s lower cost compared to competing systems, as well as a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) due to reduced IT demands. This in turn dramatically increases Foxtrot’s return on investment (ROI).

What makes EnableSoft and Foxtrot So Different?

Among RPA vendors, EnableSoft is a leader in Time to First Value (TFV). Thanks to Foxtrot’s power and ease of use, the time it takes an organization to recognize real, tangible benefits is kept to a bare minimum.

We truly bend the efficiency curve. That’s a documented fact. One U.S. bank doubled its asset size while keeping deposit operations cost constant. This institution attributes this tremendous success exclusively to Foxtrot.

EnableSoft is a pure RPA provider. We aren’t distracted by other products and technologies. Our simple goal is to provide the most powerful, flexible, scalable, affordable RPA solution in the marketplace today.

We back our industry-leading RPA software with world-class support and top-flight professional services, ensuring successful deployment and the fastest possible ROI. Our team of experts will ensure Foxtrot reaches every area of the customer’s organization, making every department as efficient as possible.

EnableSoft has established a global network of consultants and resellers who recognize the value that Foxtrot can bring to any size organization.

When it comes to innovation in the RPA marketplace, EnableSoft is leading the way. No other RPA company offers Foxtrot’s winning combination of affordability, an intuitive user interface, a completely scalable platform, and highly functional RPA software. This is why EnableSoft has been able to spread Foxtrot’s reach around the world. Companies in many different countries are taking advantage of this superior RPA technology.


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