INNOVATE® Veterans Florida - USA

The INNOVATE® Veterans Florida book is a 300-page in-depth study and AR video series that showcases of all the people, companies, products, and services that are leading the race within Florida’s Defense, Space and Security Ecosystem. A book with augmented reality video, an online platform and a network with a common goal of ensuring Florida’s best innovations and innovation enablers in the Defense industry connect and succeed.

Bill Quigley - INNOVATE® Veterans Florida - Associate Publisher

As a former military professional who recently transitioned out of the service after 20 years in Special Operations, Bill is excited to tell the stories that make Florida the premier location for defense innovation. Throughout his career as a Special Operations professional, Bill was the beneficiary of innovation that enabled him to deploy to remote locations and accomplish the missions assigned to him.

He had the opportunity to travel professionally to over 15 countries, sharing his knowledge of advertising and marketing strategy with partner nations. Being able to identify new and creative ways to message select audiences that resulted in positive and long-lasting change was vital to his success while in uniform. Bill served two combat deployments in Iraq in addition to tours in Bosnia, Nigeria, Niger, and Qatar. It is because of those experiences that he is passionate about telling the story of Veteran Innovation.

Please contact Bill directly at with any questions or recommendations for nominees.


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