The INNOVATE Student Entrepreneurship book is a 300+ page in-depth study and AR video series showcasing colleges, universities, and tertiary institutions shining the light on Student Entrepreneurship and its many successes.

A book with augmented reality video, an online platform, and a network with a common goal of ensuring these inspirational stories are told and shared with innovators and entrepreneurs across the world.

Why Create This Book?

The student entrepreneurship and innovation centers prevalent in all leading colleges and universities bring together educators, student entrepreneurs, and experienced entrepreneurs to generate concepts, ideas and to assist new ventures. These centers are integral for innovative thinking providing a vital platform for student entrepreneurs to learn and succeed.

INNOVATE Student Entrepreneurship offers the opportunity for these centers to showcase their approach and facilities and share success stories unique to their students and alumni. Student entrepreneurs are creative individuals; regardless of their field of study or chosen future profession, they are focused on doing things differently, either by innovation or invention or by improving upon existing products and services. In addition, student entrepreneurs of today are community builders, encouraging collaborative thinking and developing purpose-driven solutions that make the world a better place. The INNOVATE Student Entrepreneurship project will focus on programs and individuals doing great things in this space – in a credible, editorial-based platform that carries no advertising.

Who Will Read The Book?

The publication will appeal to a number of groups:

  • The Innovations of the World worldwide database of 10,000 innovators.
  • Student entrepreneurs, academics, alumni, and faculty from educational institutions across the USA.
  • Supporters, funders, and enablers of entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Future students and aspirant entrepreneurs.

INNOVATE  STUDENT ENTREPRENEURSHIP will play an important role in showcasing the institutions prioritizing student entrepreneurs now, and in the future.


Founder and CEO of Global Village Ventures LLC (USA) and Global Village Publishing Inc (Canada), an international publishing house producing, amongst other projects, the successful “Best of “series in over 60 countries around the world.

With so much excitement around Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we launched the INNOVATE Series, a project showcasing success stories from innovation hubs across the world. The INNOVATE Series is steadily expanding worldwide, mapping out the innovation ecosystems in each region while collaborating with individuals, organizations and institutions to accelerate growth and position entrepreneurs and innovators for success. We look forward to adding INNOVATE Student Entrepreneurship to the Global Village portfolio.

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