INNOVATE® Society will be a celebration of the most altruistic leaders in the United States, of their missions to change the world, and of their successful innovations in nonprofit business models, fundraising, volunteerism, technology – you name it.

By the time this book is published, it will have the stored energy, knowledge and wisdom of an entire country of social innovators.

It’ll be both an inspirational masterpiece and a handbook for growing a successful nonprofit.

Nominations are now open and this is your chance to help showcase the Innovators that you know, to the world! Nominate a deserving company to be featured in INNOVATE® Society using the button below.

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Who Will Be In The Book?

One regional nonprofit from each of the 50 states in the U.S. will be profiled. Each nonprofit will receive everything Global Village has to offer completely free:

  • Four pages in the book:
      • Two pages to tell the social innovation story
      • One page to share thought leadership and advice
      • One page for the sponsor (see below) to share personal insights
  • Writing, design, copyediting and development of its pages
  • One augmented reality video placed in the book
  • Inclusion in the online version of the book
  • Its pages posted on the Global Village blog
  • A spotlight video highlighting the organization
  • A press announcement
  • A media blitz putting its announcement (as designed) online in 200+ media outlets
  • The Innovations Award Badge to use in email and on its website
  • A beautiful wall plaque commemorating its inclusion
  • 20 percent of all revenue generated when the nonprofit’s supporters purchase books

Who Will Fund The Project?

The project will be funded by 50 philanthropic sponsors who will each:

  • Nominate and sponsor a nonprofit to be profiled in the book ($8,500)
  • Share personal insights about the nonprofit, telling the world what you love about its people, the organization and the mission
  • Receive 150 copies of INNOVATE® Society (our gift to you for sponsoring)
  • Give 100 of these books to that nonprofit

This model guarantees that a minimum of 7,500 copies of this legacy book will be distributed across the country, bringing value to these nonprofits and to all who read INNOVATE® Society for years to come!

Gill Wager - INNOVATE® Society Publishing Partner

“Business Gill” is a sales expert with 40+ years of advocacy for the elimination of deceit and dishonesty in the profession he loves. His peers named him the “Father of Honest Selling,” the “Best Business Connector in St. Louis” and one of the “Top 100 St. Louisans to Know” to succeed in business. His passion is identifying the win-win connections others can’t see, and his preferred model is doing so on a 100 percent commission basis.

“Craftsman Gill” built a barn in his backyard and created a cozy loft apartment on the top floor, complete with hand-built cabinets throughout, a custom Murphy bed and a really cool headboard made from an old, wooden extension ladder. Business travelers can find the “Barndominium” on Airbnb if they’d like to ditch the St. Louis hotel routine and try something unique.

“Hobby Gill” has ridden a bicycle 200 miles in 14 hours and then balanced it on his chin. He can say the alphabet in six different directions. Dogs follow him obediently. Puzzles fear him. And he can juggle anything from beanbags to bowling pins (both literally and metaphorically).

“Husband Gillby” is a hopeless romantic who met the girl of his dreams at 14, FINALLY got her to go on a date with him at 22, married her at 23, and has claimed the title “World’s Most Sickeningly in Love Husband” for himself. He also calls the 7.5-year courtship “My most successful, long-term marketing plan ever.”


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