INNOVATE™ SAUDI ARABIA is a platform that showcases the innovative advancements made in the region, from government to individual companies and organizations. INNOVATE™ SAUDI ARABIA serves to reinforce Saudi Arabia’s position as a leading player in global development, by showcasing its innovative projects, products, and services that are driving growth. The platform is not just limited to a printed book, but also includes the website, an ebook, a 3D digital book, an AR video series, and a live book launch and networking event. These various forms of media allow the platform to reach a wider audience and provide inspiration to innovators around the world.

The target audience for INNOVATE™ SAUDI ARABIA is not only the experts in the market, but also business people and decision-makers from the region, domestically and internationally. The editorial content is tailored to these leaders who can bring about change in their respective industries. The aim of this platform is to drive investment and innovation in the ecosystem, as well as attract and encourage collaboration from innovators around the world. The ultimate goal is to provide a comprehensive look at the future vision of Saudi Arabia. The supporters, funders, and enablers of innovation play a crucial role in shaping the future of Saudi Arabia and this platform serves as an opportunity to meet the people that are emerging to build a better future.


Sven Boermeester - INNOVATE™ SAUDI ARABIA Publisher

Founder and CEO of Global Village Ventures LLC (USA) and Global Village Publishing Inc (Canada), an international publishing house producing, amongst other projects, the successful “Best of “series in over 60 countries around the world.

With so much excitement around Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we launched the INNOVATE Series, a project showcasing success stories from innovation hubs across the world. The INNOVATE Series is steadily expanding worldwide, mapping out the innovation ecosystems in each region while collaborating with individuals, organizations and institutions to accelerate growth and position entrepreneurs and innovators for success. We look forward to adding INNOVATE™ SAUDI ARABIA to the Global Village portfolio, with its fast-growing ecosystem and 2030 vision this edition will be a flagship publication for the INNOVATE® Series.

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