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In Rotterdam we’re always one step ahead. We’re not only thinking and talking about innovation, we do it. Together with all the amazing people who work and live in Rotterdam. Our port is the central hub of Europe’s largest maritime cluster and we are also a key player on a global scale in other strong economic sectors. In Rotterdam we aim for a better and more sustainable future for all. The United Nations addressed the global challenges, in Rotterdam we build and implement solutions. Rotterdam is a hotbed for innovative entrepreneurs who contribute to a sustainable, circular and digital city in the new economy. We want to support these entrepreneurs in scaling up their business. With Up!Rotterdam we connect and strengthen initiatives to provide easier access to talent, international markets and financing.

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Freddy Arnauts - INNOVATE™ Rotterdam Publishing Partner

International networking was a logical result of my profession during my long career mainly in the Pharma and Medical World. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to start B19 Antwerp, a selective business club in this city, allowing me to get in touch with many visionary enablers, entrepreneurs, politicians, and other key opinion leaders. My objective now is to consolidate their experience into thought-provoking “innovate” books about key regions in Belgium and The Netherlands.

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