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Maputo – A Multi-Cultural City Grounded in Innovation!

Maputo is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Africa, a strategic port city, and the capital of Mozambique. The town was founded by a Portuguese trader and since its inception has continued to flourish and become a vital city in the East African region.

The city has a vibrant energy that seeps into your soul. Situated alongside the world-famous beaches, Maputo has a thriving manufacturing, service, textile, brewing and import/export industry. In more recent years the city has become the backdrop for several big Hollywood movies, laying a foundation for uniquely African craftsmanship and creativity to shine. The oil & gas sector, tourism, renewable energy and the widespread transportation infrastructure are also big contributors to the region and to the innovation ecosystem overall.

The Mozambican government has recently partnered with the ISCIU, Business Council for International Understanding, opening its doors to non-stop mobilization and attraction for investment in this country. In addition to this partnership, Mozambique has been elected an official member of the UNWTO, Executive Council for the United Nations World Tourism Organization, for the period between 2021 and 2025. This partnership positions Maputo, and the greater African region, well, creating a big opportunity for economic recovery post the Covid-19 crisis.

3-year predictions suggest there will be a great rise in tourism establishments in Maputo, opening over 150 new ventures. Tourism is considered one of the world’s biggest economy boosters and will contribute significantly to the socio-economic development in Maputo.

INNOVATE™ Maputo will be a showcase of all the success stories from this region. From multinationals to home-grown innovations, we aim to unpack the ecosystem and shine the light on all the great things happening in Maputo!

Paula Marques - INNOVATE™ Maputo Publishing Partner

Paula Marques has a degree in Business Management from Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa and a postgraduate degree in Finance from ISG in Lisbon. She was a consultant for a company, Copi Risco, Lda, in investment projects and management control. She also worked in a real estate investment company until she moved to Maputo.

Born in Quelimane – Mozambique, she went to Portugal as a child but as her father and siblings lived in Maputo, since her adolescence she started to come on holiday and has closely watched the growth and development of the city of Maputo.

In 2012 she came with her husband and children to Maputo and founded a consulting company in the management area, but she did not feel fulfilled. In 2014 she was invited by some friends to set up a Guesthouse, an activity that she still maintains today. With a huge passion for catering and events, she managed to combine this with the business of the Guesthouse.

Challenged to take Maputo even further, she embraced the challenge of becoming a Global Village Publishing Partner and moving forward with the INNOVATE™ MAPUTO publication.

If you’d like to find out more about INNOVATE™ Maputo, and how we could work together to showcase and celebrate your Innovation Ecosystem please contact Paula at [email protected].

António Marques - INNOVATE™ Maputo Publishing Partner

António Marques attended the Business Management course at the International University of Lisbon.

He is the manager of several companies in Real Estate Promotion, in Portugal, in the commercial, investment and management control areas, being an expert evaluator, certified by ESAI – Escola Superior de Actividades Imobiliárias – Lisbon, Portugal.

In Maputo he is a manager of distribution companies of medical/hospital and laboratory products/equipment and maintenance.

Born in Huambo – Angola, he was a child in Portugal but traveled frequently since the age of 12 to Africa, namely South Africa, Namibia, Angola and Mozambique, knowing the growth and development of the city of Maputo since 1993.

In 2011 he came to Maputo to explore new markets and new business areas, where he resides until today.

If you’d like to find out more about INNOVATE™ Maputo, and how we could work together to showcase and celebrate your Innovation Ecosystem please contact Antonio at [email protected].

Lígia Neves - INNOVATE™ Maputo Publishing Partner

Lígia Neves is the publishing partner for INNOVATE™ Maputo. A Humanistic Professional Master Coach & Humanistic Professional Coach Trainer – IHCOS®, she is passionate about life and personal development, and she has dedicated the last 9 years to this area, founding Dare To Be Great in 2011, a Coaching Company that sees the world as place where all people have access to their own empowerment for self-sustainability. With the goal of impacting more people’s lives, she became a required Coach/Consultant in several Companies, being the IHCOS® Ambassador for Portugal and a Strategic Advisory Board Member of SAPANA.

She also carries vast experience in the commercial arena, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, where she held positions as Sales Representative, National Sales Manager, and Sales & Marketing Director, where she first developed a deep interest in behavioral areas, such as leadership, people management, emotional intelligence, communication skills, and crucial and influential themes for action. After being invited by AddSolutions to be part of the INNOVATE™ world, and bring the Portuguese Innovative Ecosystem to the world, she did not hesitate to embrace the challenge!!

If you’d like to find out more about INNOVATE® Maputo, and how we could work together to showcase and celebrate your Innovation Ecosystem, you can reach Lígia at [email protected]

Pedro Coelho - INNOVATE™ Maputo Publishing Partner

Pedro Coelho is the publishing partner for INNOVATE™ Maputo. Originally from Portugal, he recently arrived in Orlando, with an entrepreneurial spirit that characteristic of all his endeavors.

While still studying for a degree in Architecture at the Lisbon Technical Institute of Lisbon University, Pedro created Addsolutions, a communication, branding, and events agency that has been in the Portuguese market for 21 years. Today, it is an agency that works with several multinational corporations, the vast majority of the pharmaceutical sector, and especially those permanently motivated by innovation.

With his desire for constant learning, Pedro earned a postgraduate degree in Management and E-Business from ISEG, Lisbon School of Economics & Management of Lisbon University, and an Intensive Management Course from ISCTE (Mini-MBA). He also attended the first year PhD in Tourism, Heritage & Territory at Coimbra University and the Executive Education in Internationalization Management Program at Católica Business & Economics in Lisbon. With the aim of sharing his knowledge and know-how, he’s spent much of his time teaching at ETIC, School of Technologies Innovation and Creation.

In addition to his career, sports have always been a passion for Pedro. To that end, he played an important role as a Local Tour Director of the US Kids Golf Foundation.

In recent years, he has invested in the internationalization of Addsolutions and today its main focus is to make the agency recognized as the most innovative and creative of all.

INNOVATE™ will be another entrepreneurship project well-aligned with Pedro’s passion for Portugal and innovation. If you’d like to find out more about INNOVATE™ Maputo, and how we could work together to showcase and celebrate your Innovation Ecosystem, you can reach Pedro at [email protected].

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