Madrid is different

Innovations of the World has landed in Madrid to unite and showcase the best of Madrid’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

INNOVATE™ Madrid is a 300 + page in-depth study, AR video series, web platform, and global network affiliate, that will showcase the people, organizations, products, and services that are leading the way in Madrid’s ecosystem.

Innovations of the World launched the INNOVATE™ series to map out every leading innovation ecosystem around the world and unite its greatest minds. We’ve now partnered with Marte Martin to publish INNOVATE™ Madrid and present to Spain and the world how far Madrid’s ecosystem has come and serve as a portal to encourage new generations of visionaries and innovators.

Beyond its authenticity, quality of life and Castilian essence, Madrid is home to a unique creative and energetic scene capable of putting Madrid on the map of top ecosystems in the world. From the local ‘panadero’ to the large pharmaceutical, we want to chronicle the inspirational stories that make Madrid the unique place it is.

Join us to discover what industries, organizations and individuals are launching Madrid into the innovation economy and the world of tomorrow. Let’s celebrate their stories, and let’s create impact.

Nominations are now open! If you know of an organization or individual making a difference in Madrid nominate them by clicking on the red button above. Or send an email to Marte Martin to participate and for more information.

Marte Martin - INNOVATE™ Madrid Publishing Partner

Marte Martin is a finance professional, business analyst, researcher, and now, also an associate publisher of the inaugural edition of INNOVATE™ Madrid.

Marte has provided professional services as an analyst, CPA, corporate finance associate, and as a venture associate for companies of all sizes, from multinationals to new ventures, and in a varied number of sectors and industries, both in the United States and in Europe.

In addition to his practice in entrepreneurial finance, Marte has studied in-depth the nature of innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems, having visited many of them around the world over the years.

Marte is a native of Madrid and has lived in different countries since childhood including Spain, Ireland, France, Switzerland, United States and United Kingdom. He’s fluent in Spanish, English, and French, and holds various bachelor’s degrees in business and an MBA.

Marte’s passion for Madrid, his great interest for ecosystems, and his motivation to promote Madrid’s ecosystem make him a great partner and someone who will be very excited to hear about your innovation story.

He is based in Madrid, and (normally) runs pop-up bureaus in London and New York throughout the year. You can usually find me in Madrid’s creative district of Arganzuela, where he has his studio, or taking part in events around the city.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you are part of the ecosystem and would like to be featured in the publication, or if you’d like to nominate someone who deserves the recognition.

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