INNOVATE® Los Angeles - USA

As a book and online experience, INNOVATE® Los Angeles is like the hand- and footprints of the Chinese Theatre—except we feature INNOVATErs and their stories.

Can we fit every innovator into these hundreds of AR video-enabled pages? Nope. Do we want to? Not really. We only want the best.

INNOVATE® Los Angeles showcases the companies, thought leaders, and organizations who are bringing the City of Angels into the global spotlight, and not just within the industries that have made the city famous.

From thought leaders like the multitalented Sean Stone (son of Oliver Stone) and Brett Leonard (co-founder of Studio Lightship) to companies like Stayhealthy and Augmently, INNOVATE® Los Angeles promises readers an innovation tour that you can’t find on Rodeo Drive.

Daphne Fletcher, Ledge Media - INNOVATE® Los Angeles Publishing Partner


Ledge Media’s—Where the leading meet the edge—founder and CEO, Daphne Fletcher, has partnered with Global Village to publish the INNOVATE® book series, which highlights each city through Augmented Reality.


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