London, with its exciting innovation and entreprenurial ecosystem, is the latest city in the UK to join our international INNOVATE™ series as we expand across Europe. INNOVATE™ London celebrates the companies and individuals that are actively working at building a better tomorrow for all.

The city has established itself as one of the top tech hubs in the world and INNOVATE™ London, a premium AR-enabled coffee table book, captures the companies that have made it possible. The stories of London’s most innovative organisations and innovation enablers provide a snapshot of the city as it grows and evolves.

We are currently looking for partners who want to support us bringing this book to life. If that’s you, then please contact Natalia, our Publishing Partner, at [email protected].

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Natalia Rodríguez Novás - INNOVATE™ London Publishing Partner

Natalia has a Degree in Social Communication and a Master’s Degree in Corporate & Political Communication. Passionate about all things digital, innovation and social entrepreneurship, she works as a Freelance Digital Project Manager, leading projects successfully from start to launch – and beyond.

Originally from Caracas (Venezuela), with a strong Spanish heritage, Natalia currently lives in Switzerland with her husband Andrés and their daughter Anna.

If you’d like to find out more about INNOVATE™ London, our plans around the UK and Switzerland, and how we could work together to showcase and celebrate your Innovation Ecosystem, you can reach Natalia at [email protected].

Photography: Katie Hawes, Edie & Chalk

Sarah Nieman - INNOVATE™ London Publishing Partner

Born and raised in South Africa, Sarah grew up in a world of bright colours, ink and Letraset as her parents owned a silkscreen printing company in Johannesburg. After studying art and design at college, she joined the print and media industry, building up a wealth of knowledge and experience working for various repro, print and publishing houses.

Sarah is CEO of her own branding company, Board Director of a radio station, wife to her childhood sweetheart, and a jane of all trades. She’s worked in Property, Desktop Publishing and as a European Travel Agent, a Tobacco Leaf Inspector, a Printed Circuit Board Designer, an Aviation Sales Agent and a CryptoCurrency Creator.  But her favorite job is the one she’s doing now: making Innovation Magic.

Sarah lives and works in Southampton, UK, and spends her spare time tied up in knots trying to perfect her yoga poses. Since emigrating from South Africa in September 2019, she is starting the next chapter of her life—and what better way to kick that off than with the first volume of INNOVATE™ London.


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