INNOVATE® Life Sciences of California - USA

The Golden State has proven itself the golden standard of life sciences, boasting the largest innovation ecosystem of its kind in the world. Its constituent companies number 3,000+ and generate $147.7 billion in revenue and provide over 840,000 jobs.

INNOVATE® Life Sciences of California highlights the kinds of thought leaders and organizations that have put the state on the map of scientific progress, from the first one-pill and once-a-day product to treat HIV/AIDS to pioneering gene-editing techniques, from the first biotech public offering to the first FDA-approved transcatheter aortic valve implantation device.

Behind every innovation is a story, and we’re collecting those of California’s biosciences into INNOVATE® Life Sciences of California, complete with images that turn into videos (through the power of our AR app) and a vast online network. 

Don’t miss INNOVATE® Life Sciences of California. It will restore your faith in what the future holds.

Daphne Fletcher, Ledge Media - INNOVATE® Life Sciences of California Publishing Partner


Ledge Media’s—Where the leading meet the edge—founder and CEO, Daphne Fletcher, has partnered with Global Village to publish the INNOVATE® book series, which highlights each city through Augmented Reality.


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