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The Coastal Virginia region of Hampton Roads has been a home for innovation throughout the history of America. Built around one of the world’s largest natural harbors, our 17 cities and counties have a strong maritime industry and infrastructure supporting commerce and trade throughout the world. With over 1.7 million people and 100,000 active-duty military in Hampton Roads, the region leverages its diverse workforce and partnerships to develop the next innovations that will lead America’s economy to new highs.

With the help of several public-private partnerships, businesses continue to choose Hampton Roads for growth and security in many industries, such as Advanced Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Business & Shared Services, and Information Technology. The INNOVATE Hampton Roads book will showcase the top companies in many industries along with thought leaders’ views on what’s next for the business and the region. Please help us by nominating those innovative businesses so that we can recognize them and share their success with others.

Who will be in the Book?

The publication is divided into three types of contributors:

  • The experts, the thought leaders, and the academics
  • The innovations and the innovators
  • The supporters and enablers of Innovation for the industry.

The target audience for this publication is not just aimed at experts, but also businesspeople outside of the field who need to know the information contained in this publication.

It is aimed at business leaders and decision-makers who can effect change in their industries. And of course, it’s for open-minded folk that want to know the people and innovations that play an active role in the growth and development of the ecosystem


  1. Defense
  2. Energy
  3. Transportation
  4. Education & Training
  5. Advanced Manufacturing
  6. Biomedical
  7. Telecommunications
  8. Cybersecurity
  9. Business & Shared Services
  10. Food & Beverage
  11. Healthcare
  12. Culture, Events, & Marketing
  13. Space
  14. Conservation & Environment

Brent Woodhouse - INNOVATE® Hampton Roads Publishing Partner

Brent Woodhouse is the publishing partner for INNOVATE® Hampton Roads. Born and raised in Hampton Roads, Brent has had a diverse career in technology and innovation. Internships at Jefferson Lab, NASA, and Ft. Eustis turned into an exciting career at Huntington Ingalls Industries with their digital transformation as an engineer and workforce development manager.

His passion for seizing opportunities around innovation has led him to develop and teach a Digital Shipbuilding class at Old Dominion University, lobby and start a Digital Shipbuilding Laboratory, sell cutting-edge migraine treatments for Eli Lilly, and now publish a book with Global Village showcasing the great innovations in Hampton Roads. Always excited to learn about and discuss the next great ideas, he looks forward to showcasing those companies from his hometown that are leading the charge in their industries.

To learn more contact Brent Woodhouse

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