INNOVATE COVID-19 will put the spotlight on the most important and urgent challenges faced by businesses impacted by the crisis, and profile innovative solutions that have been developed and implemented around the world, so that we can all learn from those experiences and adopt the best solutions globally as fast as possible. 

Where solutions are still lacking, we will facilitate open innovation, bringing together the right people and companies so that we can work together to solve shared challenges.

This pandemic is accelerating history. Decisions that used to take decades, or weren’t happening at all, are now being taken in hours. Innovation is suddenly in the fast lane.



The show must go on.

The entire world is caught in a medical and economic emergency of epic proportions. Business leaders everywhere are forced to make urgent decisions under conditions of extreme uncertainty. But we have no choice but to speed up, we have to innovate ourselves out of this crisis.

More than ever it is essential that we share knowledge and ideas on how to respond. What are the most urgent challenges faced by businesses around the world and what are the best, fastest and cheapest ways to solve those challenges? Business leaders need answers. Now. 

The answers are out there because there is a tremendous amount of innovation happening. All over the world, innovators are coming up with clever and practical solutions to urgent challenges, often by re-purposing or combining existing technologies and solutions in new ways. We urgently need to know about those solutions so that others can learn from those solutions, or replicate them, immediately. 

And when we don’t have good solutions, we need to put our heads together, across organizational and national borders, to develop new solutions fast.  

How to protect and empower your staff through communication, new facility norms, protective wear, and remote working infrastructure? How to protect, engage and continue serving your customers?

How to stay in business and reinvent your business model?

How to stabilize and reconfigure your supply chains? How to secure, decentralize and reorient manufacturing?

Global Village Publishing will be profiling innovative solutions to new world related business challenges, helping business leaders worldwide protect their workers, stabilize their supply chains and continue to serve customers. Crisis solution innovation stories and a forum for open innovation will go live at Please join us by sharing your innovation story or nominating innovators and companies that need to be featured. 


Taxonomy of topics

World Innovations for:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Human resources & facilities management
  3. Technology & communication
  4. Marketing & customer engagement
  5. Small business & entrepreneurship
  6. Education & training
  7. Supply chains & manufacturing
  8. Transport
  9. Financial services
  10. Government 
  11. Environment & sustainability 
  12. Open Innovation & collaboration



  • Testing, Vaccines, treatment & ICU hardware
  • Patient management, followup and monitoring
  • Protective wear for healthcare workers
  • Primary care and tele-medicine
  • Elderly care


Human resources & facilities management

  • Workforce protection policy & management
  • 2-way communication
  • Remote working and infrastructure setup
  • Workplace learning
  • Customer protection


Technology & Communication

  • Customer outreach & communication
  • eCommerce & B2B transparency


Small business & entrepreneurship

  • Staying in business during a downturn
  • Reinventing your business model


Education & training

  • Primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Tertiary education
  • Child care


Supply chains & manufacturing 

  • Supplier engagement
  • Inventory management
  • Production & operations
  • Health & safety



  • Ports
  • Air travel & airports
  • Public transport
  • Road transport



  • Public health information & communication 
  • Mass testing
  • Tracking and tracing infections
  • Isolation & quarantine strategies
  • Emergency services
  • Economic support for people
  • Economic support for firms


Financial Services

  • The future of finance
  • Savings & loans
  • Financial markets


Environment & sustainability

  • Air Pollution
  • Climate Change


Open Innovation & collaboration

  • Open innovation
  • Strategic reset, responding to new conditions

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