It’s easy to think that everything there is to know about the Windy City is already out there in the world—Chicago was, after all, the second most-visited US city in 2018 and has remained fertile ground internationally for a variety of industries, from finance to industry to education to transportation and beyond.

But a visit to Chicago is like a canopy tour compared to the root-deep exploration of the city that INNOVATE® Chicago provides. Filled with stories of Chi-Town’s innovators and innovation enablers, this high-end coffee-table book offers an in-depth look into the city’s innovation ecosystem—like readers’ own personal L, but in book form.

Every participant—large or small, corporate or nonprofit—is hand-selected for participation in INNOVATE® Chicago. By avoiding a pay-to-play model, we’re bringing you 150+ pages of the authentic, the innovative, the best of Chicago.

In addition to a hardcover coffee-table book, INNOVATE® Chicago will also be featured as an e-book, with individual stories posted below.

Nominations are now open and this is your chance to help showcase the Innovators that you know, to the world! Nominate a deserving company to be featured in INNOVATE® Chicago using the button below.

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INNOVATE® Chicago in Partnership with Illinois Technology Association

Henry Hintermeister - INNOVATE® Chicago - Publishing Partner


Henry is an experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry. He has assisted cities and civic organizations in putting together hard-cover books on their locality, working with former presidents, sitting governors, senators, congressmen, mayors, and movie stars to help them participate in and write for the books. In addition to helping others to tell their stories, Henry is an avid amateur photographer specializing in shooting old barns.


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