There seems to be something special brewing in Calgary. A synergy that connects traditional business with the new economy, creating a unique perspective on innovation and establishing itself as a strong emerging tech hub for Canada.

INNOVATECalgary will celebrate the city’s abundant natural resources, creativity, determination, and capital and how these are transformed into products that drive innovation. 

The booming breath of business in Calgary is powered by a variety of stakeholders, including educators, enterprises, startups, and public agents. This collaboration of minds is allowing Calgary to compete at a global level in innovation, with Startup Genome naming it 52nd in the Top 100 Emerging Ecosystems in 2020. 

As a city with deep roots in the oil and gas industry, Calgary looks to establish itself in the new economy with strong sectors identified as cleantech, life sciences, and digital transformation. There is a certain resilience and strength that develops with boom and bust economics, combined with capital and young tech talent – Calgary is definitely a tech haven in the making.

Ruby K. Sandhu - INNOVATE™ Calgary Publishing Partner

Ruby’s role as an Associate Publisher with Global Village is the perfect combination of her experiences and skills, allowing her to dig deep into innovation ecosystems across Canadian cities to find the true essence of innovation that permeates, and share that story authentically. 

Her most recently completed project INNOVATE Vancouver, explores her hometown and the entrepreneurs that are fueling the city, the province of British Columbia continues to be a top innovation powerhouse in Canada.

She is a big believer in the power of printed books, “there is certain energy that is attached to a book which contains something transformative for the reader”. This is what makes her passionate about the ‘INNOVATE®’ series and what they can offer to ecosystems around the world. 

Outside of business, you can find her exploring B.C.’s natural beauty with her German Shepherd, Tyson. Cycling on most days of the week (yes, even in the rain!) and continuing her studies in Spiritual Psychology – the study of our lives and how we constantly shape them with our daily thoughts, words, actions, and emotions. 

INNOVATECalgary is Ruby’s next endeavour, “Calgary is a city to watch and I’m very excited to take a closer look at the people and companies that are driving innovation”.

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