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The only major US city without a major river running through it, Birmingham made its name in steel. Its Vulcan statue, the largest cast-iron statue in the world at 56 feet tall, rules Birmingham’s skyline and perfectly symbolizes the way the city is forging a new South.

Between Regions field, award-winning craft beer, rolling hills, the Cahaba River, a James Beard Award–receiving chef, and renowned universities like UAB, Samford, Birmingham-Southern, and others, Birmingham is a city of firsts and greats. And INNOVATE® Birmingham is setting out to put it in writing—specifically in a tech-enabled coffee book.

We’re showcasing the innovators and innovation enablers that are making magic for The Magic City. Because INNOVATE® Birmingham is not “pay to play,” we’re able to feature companies and leaders from all industries and backgrounds, telling their stories across 250+ pages. 

Look for INNOVATE® Birmingham in the last quarter of 2020.  And in the meantime: if you know of an Innovator or Innovation Enabler worthy of the INNOVATE® Tribe, nominate them using the button below. 

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Ashby Green - INNOVATE® Birmingham Publishing Partner

I am an entrepreneur, connector, community builder, startup catalyst, servant leader with a strong profit motive and a large social conscience. I am driven to help owners navigate the growth of their business. The past organization I worked with experienced a tripling of its employee base and nearly a quadrupling of revenue during my tenure.

I have a passion for building relationships by making long-term decisions that lead to win-win scenarios, forge strong partnerships and yield returns for businesses and their communities.

When I’m not solving problems, putting together deals and growing businesses, I enjoy traveling and camping with my family, searching the world for fossils and artifacts, and spending time at our cabin on the Peace River.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

Brad Howard - INNOVATE® Birmingham Publishing Partner

Brad Howard has over 20 years experience as a trade broker with volumes exceeding $5M per year. He has worked with hundreds of business owners across the US as a financial consultant focusing on cash conservation.

Brad is a highly sought after sales trainer in the trade industry and has been a keynote speaker at international events. He is an Accredited Business Intermediary with Gazelle Capital based in St. Petersburg which helps business owners analyze their companies value and assists with selling their businesses for top market value.

Brad was also a guest on CNN’s “Making It In America” with host Vinnie Politan. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife Amanda and children in the great outdoors of Alabama and of course watching SEC Football.


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