The city of Phoenix is as diverse in its industries as it is in its culture—a perfect combination for a thriving innovation ecosystem—and INNOVATE® Phoenix  captures just that.

INNOVATE® Phoenix  is a tech-enabled coffee-table book that showcases the people and companies who are building their city to heights even beyond what Phoenix already boasts (four Fortune 500 companies, the site of epic sporting events, home to 22 American Indian tribes—and an average temperature of a perfect 75º). From titans of industry to scrappy startups, INNOVATE® Phoenix features stories of organizations large and small whose names are household, or soon will be. Features of bespoke design and original Thought Leader pieces by some of the city’s most recognizable leaders fill INNOVATE® Phoenix. With AR video canvases on most features, images on the book’s pages come to life when scanned with the free Global Village AR app.

Check out a selection of the INNOVATE® Phoenicians’ stories below.

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