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DiAngelo Law sits at the nexus of business and law to help innovative entrepreneurs navigate the legalities of owning a company. Today’s generation of innovators and business owners have more skills, knowledge, and creativity than ever before; they also have a more complicated legal system to figure out. By providing legal guidance and advice, DiAngelo Law prepares today’s innovative entrepreneurs for success.

Erica got her start as a lawyer by spending all day in the courthouse, fighting legal battles that were easily preventable. Startled by the lack of legal resources for local businesses, Erica realized something was missing. Not only was her own entrepreneurial spirit not fulfilled by the demands of the courtroom but she saw a need in the legal space that nobody else was filling.

The result was DiAngelo Law, a company that advocates for entrepreneurs who are focusing on their passions and on the advancement of innovation. As a completely virtual firm, legal services from DiAngelo Law exist for entrepreneurs in Tampa and throughout the nation and world.

Today, Erica uses her legal knowledge and skillset to focus on helping innovative entrepreneurs and business owners start, grow, and protect their brand. For Tampa’s community, DiAngelo Law is laying the groundwork for the next generation of innovators. Erica strives to contribute to the Tampa Bay community as much as possible and is constantly providing free educational resources and training both virtually and in person. She is a firm believer that you can be both a creative entrepreneur and a legal nerd at the same time. She uses this passion and drive to look for innovative ways to uplift the local community and build a brighter, stronger Tampa.

DiAngelo Law is proud to be a member of Tampa’s business community. As an emerging hub for tech and finance, Tampa is quickly becoming the Silicon Valley of the East Coast. DiAngelo Law is excited to both participate in this growth and provide the legal services that companies need to grow as well.

The future of entrepreneurship and law is always changing. Wherever the nation’s business landscape moves, DiAngelo Law will move with it. We’re here to build a stronger, more vibrant Tampa—together.

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