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No more foggy glasses when wearing a mask or visor! CrystalTech Nano reusable anti-fog wipes come in a resealable foil-lined bag that easily fits in a purse or pocket. It’s not a traditional spray, but rather a German Nano Tio2 anti-fog formula infused into a soft microfibre cloth eliminating fog with 1 wipe on glasses and visors. It works well on glass, plastic, and polycarbonate and can be used on safety glasses as well as motorcycle helmets, welders, shields, etc. Developed in Germany, this formula is SGS tested and Reach compliant with no harmful chemicals.

CrystalTech Nano Reusable Anti Fog Wipes

CrystalTech Nano

514 804 6180
350 Louvain Street West B-45
Montreal, Quebec, H2N2E8

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