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ConnectGo-An Event Management Platform Aimed At Making Event Attendee And Presenter Interaction For Business Purposes Much More Efficient


Sam Altman, an Operation Iraqi Freedom Army Infantry Veteran and current MBA in Entrepreneurship candidate at the University of Tampa, along with civilian partner Tom Gaffney, have been hard at work creating ConnectGO, an event management platform aimed at making event attendees and presenter interactions for business purposes much more efficient.

More importantly, Sam and Tom believe ConnectGo is a startup that highlights everything that is right, and exciting, about the Tampa Bay area startup ecosystem that has been building momentum over the last few years.

First, Sam and Tom were able to meet at 1 Million Cups based in the Ybor City Entrepreneur Collaborative Center on August 31st, 2016 when Sam presented his original concept, and was in search of a technology partner that could help make it possible. Tom, with an extensive technology background, had been devising a way to make business networking more efficient, and thanks to 1 Million Cups, they were able to meet, combine concepts, and rapidly develop the platform to where it is today.

Secondly, Sam and Tom were lucky enough to be accepted into the second cohort of the Veterans Florida Entrepreneur Program (VFEP) presented through Hillsborough County Community College and Operation Startup. This class, along with the MBA Entrepreneurship program at the University of Tampa, helped take ConnectGO to the next level. Perhaps most importantly, these programs have been instrumental in helping ConnectGO get to know the resources and warm business climate of the Tampa Bay area. Sam will be presenting ConnectGO’s story once again to 1 Million Cups in July 2017, and hopes to inspire the community to embrace ConnectGO as a startup they helped build in less than 1 year.

Tom Gaffney. Co Founder
Chief Technology Officer

ConnectGo - Sam Altman and Tom Gaffney

Sam Altman, Co Founder
University of Tampa, MBA

To learn more about ConnectGO, and to join the ConnectGO story, visit us:
University of Tampa Lowth Entrepreneurship Center
401 East Kennedy, Tampa, FL 33602
Operation Startup, 2101 East Palm Ave, Tampa, FL 33605
Phone: (703) 624 1599 | | |

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