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CoachTheWorld - Your Global Marketplace for Experts and Influencers


Your global marketplace for experts and influencers

CoachTheWorld (CTW) is a virtual coaching platform. CTW brings together people who need support with the experts and influencers who can provide it, connecting them instantly. Our software matches users with experts based on specific user needs, not geographic proximity, allowing users to find the very best fit for their needs. Coaching sessions can be booked and take place 24/7 through our platform, utilizing video chat through our app or desktop web browsers. Coaches can exponentially increase their client base by earning potential clients and streamlining their services with our booking, payment, and chat integration. In the past, you looked through the internet jungle to find help in solving a problem or finding answers. Do you remember the time when you were trying to find a solution to your serious problems and challenges by looking on the internet – then finally trying to get in touch with a human being and waiting for a response? This was your reality, and that is why we created a solution to this, with CoachTheWorld or in short CTW.

Our Vision

We provide the ultimate place for people from all over the world to connect and help each other by selling and buying the most essential service in the world, KNOW-HOW. CoachTheWorld

What is CoachTheWorld?

CTW is a platform or marketplace that: • enables clients to find the best coach for their problem without geographic limitation • provides a stable online workplace for coaches, including automation of invoicing and payments • enables coaches to coach worldwide whenever they want • offers superior technology for every topic • allows buying and selling knowledge with your category of choice • promotes life coaching, business coaching and influencers

Your daily marketplace for knowledge and experience: • Visual display of real-time availability • Minimal administration effort for coaches due to enhancing your account system • State-of-the-art whiteboard and share-screen/video chat service, single or in group • Virtual Workplace (Cockpit/Dashboard) for Coaches • Rating system to secure quality and to encourage users to become coaches • Your new online office • The dream of working from back home to every area in the world • Selling your ideas, your hobbies, your knowledge

CoachTheWorld video chat

Our Team is promoting out of Tampa

We are an innovative, international mixed, future-oriented team who cares about people. Helping, finding solutions, education, and know-how – this is the focus of CoachTheWorld.

Benefits for experts and those seeking expertise:

• Secure; privacy, discretion, and security with no personal contact information in your own virtual space • Streamlined; integrated video/communication channels offer a “virtual office” • Accessible; online, international reach with multilingual experts • Trustworthy; peer rating system for experts, influencers, and customers • Free for Experts; CTW charges no monthly fees and no subscriptions for services offered • Experts; can set their own rates • Seekers; can choose every type of expert, for whatever knowledge they seek and what they’re willing to pay on a pay-as-you-go basis • Rewarding; delivers new clients to Experts without Experts having to source them • Cost-effective; no need for physical office space by using CTW’s online office portal for consultations • Convenient; open 24/7, both Experts and Seekers can choose their own time and virtual space • Flexible Availability; timeslots from 15 minutes upwards CoachTheWorld Logo

Email: [email protected] facebook: @coachthestars instagram: @coachtheworld youtube: @coachtheworld twitter: @coachtheworld_

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