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Defining a New Kind of City, a New American City

Gainesville is defining a new kind of city, a New American City. Our shared vision is to serve as a model for communities nationwide by applying novel solutions to critical issues, including access to quality housing, health care, transportation and safety. We do this through strategic collaboration and intentional design. In Gainesville, our sights are set on creating a brighter, more equitable future for all of our neighbors.

So where do we begin?

By leveraging partnerships, innovative policy development and technological advancements all aimed at fostering greater equity and improving residents’ experiences with government. Our city is well suited to pursue such an ambitious vision, thanks to the many business leaders, advocates, educators and neighbors that are committed to working together for the greater good of Gainesville.

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Building equity and vibrant neighborhoods

From new construction to historic preservation, Gainesville strives to create pathways for regular information sharing between community builders and neighbors. The city has developed a partnership program that aims to help neighborhood residents connect and communicate with city planners and staff about concerns related to comprehensive planning, zoning and land use. We understand that individual neighborhoods have unique challenges and strengths and we want to ensure those dynamics are thoroughly considered. As we work to create a housing action plan for Gainesville, our strategy is to build strong neighborhoods while focusing on inclusive development, displacement prevention and community preservation.

Creating space for ingenuity and partnership to thrive Gainesville is home to one of the nation’s leading public research institutions, the University of Florida, an outstanding state college, Santa Fe College and the renowned University of Florida Academic Health Center. Cross-disciplinary connections, like these, produce breakthrough ideas and continue to serve as a catalyst for civic innovation. Significant advances in the areas of roadway safety, waste cycles, community health and public transportation have resulted from our forward-thinking spirit and collaboration. Aligning with our community partners, Gainesville has become a living laboratory — bringing together great minds and various viewpoints to create a community where decisions are data-driven and reflect the needs of our neighbors.

Cultivating job diversity and economic vitality

We are helping to foster a community that is inclusive and resilient by putting people at the center of our services, strategies and investments. Gainesville continues to rank among the top 100 places to live in the United States — recognized for its thriving economy, recreational spaces and educational opportunities. Small business entrepreneurs can find support in our community through the Opportunity Loan Program, designed to help visionaries close the gap between dreams and opportunities. An online business portal, virtual inspections and digital permitting are just a few examples of city services that are revolutionizing business development— reducing start-up times, creating jobs and strengthening our economy.

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Shaping a bright future for all

Becoming a New American City requires thinking beyond immediate impacts and making policy decisions that have lasting implications for future generations. The fact remains that while we strive to place our neighbors at the center of all we do, certain areas of our community continue to face persistent barriers and challenges. Bright futures start with solid foundations and equitable access to resources and enriching activities. By investing in afterschool enrichment programs, restorative justice protocols and fair-pay practices, the city is working to eliminate the underlying social issues that keep vulnerable residents in the perpetual clutches of poverty. Our goal is to ensure that our youngest neighbors have access to the structure, support, security and stability they need to thrive.


City of Gainesville

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