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We Are Taking Research Beyond The Lab To Develop A New Generation Of Smart, Flexible, Robust And Interconnected Robotic Systems Fit For Use In The Real World.

We are taking an interdisciplinary approach to research in autonomous robotics. We are developing technologies and techniques that improve robotic hardware and software. And we are investigating how we can use these techniques to address social, economic and industrial challenges. By bettering our scientific understanding, we aim to achieve real-life impact in autonomous robotics. We take concepts in autonomous robotics and translate them into real platforms that operate in the field, often in harsh and unforgiving environments. We are passionate about translating ideas into reality and solving real-world challenges.

Origin Story

We started off with a passion for making robots operate in challenging environments out of the lab and realising that we needed to develop new robotic platforms to achieve our goals. Early projects included small surface water sonar sensing robots operating in conjunction with divers, ground robots in agriculture applications and aerial vehicles for imaging and sensor payload delivery in unusual environments such as high-altitude clouds.


Our early projects ignited a spark of innovation that led to the development of full-custom robot platforms, the use of advanced composite materials (such as Carbon Fibre) and additive manufacturing techniques, and the integration of new software algorithms such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to adapt to both the surroundings and also for data interpretation.

We work with mainly SMEs to provide expertise, research skills and experience, lab facilities and a flexible working arrangement to address interesting, exciting and challenging problems in robotics in the field. Our breadth of expertise across a huge array of disciplines in Engineering and Science provides a unique location for our partners to leverage.

Why Bath?
Our origin is in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, and Department of Mechanical Engineering, bringing together expertise in Robotic platforms, software, sensors, actuators, electronics and applications, with a wide range of facilities including a number of dedicated robotic laboratories, manufacturing and test facilities and this has expanded to encompass expertise in related centres of excellence in Computer Science, Digital technology and Health. We have a huge network of links with industry (regional, national and international) and a strong link between students and industry through our industrial placements programme, plus a number of Centres of Doctoral Training where industry-funded research can focus.

What is the future?

In the University of Bath Centre for Autonomous Robotics (CENTAUR)
(https://www.bath.ac.uk/research-centres/centre-for-autonomous-robotics/) we have 6 key research areas that have exciting prospects including:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning research – where we explore the two-way relationship between natural and artificial intelligence and modelling, constructing, evaluating and understanding complete systems. Control and decision making in autonomous robotics – investigating and innovating control of autonomous robotics.

Embedding accountability, responsibility and ethics in autonomous systems – where we aspire to take a co-design approach to our research, working with and engaging society to develop better autonomous systems for the people who use them.

Real-world deployment and application in autonomous systems – where we are investigating and innovating deployment of autonomous systems in the field.

Robotics and autonomous platform and infrastructure engineering – in which we are developing robotic platforms and infrastructure.

Sensing and perception in autonomous robotics – where our research in the Centre for Autonomous Robotics (CENTAUR) investigates different aspects of sensors, both at individual component and whole-system levels.

University of Bath

Claverton Down Bath BA2 7AY

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