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CareValet is an on-demand uber-ized healthcare solution. Wherever you are, the CareValet app can geolocate you, triage your healthcare needs, and point you to the right care facility or professional. This kind of care can usually be done by communicating directly with a physician on your smartphone, so that you can get clinical advice and even have your prescription called in to your pharmacy, if necessary. If you do need to see a doctor in person, you can use the app to schedule an appointment when it is convenient for you. After your consultation, you can share your experience with other CareValet members, so that they can seek doctors, based on your feedback, who take good care of their patients.

Joe Hodges, Founder

Founded in 2016 by Joe Hodges, a Florida Native who recently sold another healthcare company with over 700,000 members, CareValet makes it easier for people to find doctors and providers in their network wherever they are. You could be driving around and your child suddenly becomes ill and needs a doctor – you could simply pull up the CareValet app and find the closest treatment center or telemedicine doctor.

CareValet users can schedule a doctor’s appointment and speak to healthcare professionals in real time – it’s a real-time convenience app and web portal that also speaks to those who are moving away from making telephone calls and are more likely to use a mobile application.


In an emergency or when there is a need for urgent care, CareValet uses geolocation to help you find an in-network provider or facility closest to you, in just two clicks. If you are too ill to drive, the app can also interface with UBER to arrange a ride for you. Members can, of course, also speak to a physician in a face-to-face phone chat to check whether they need urgent treatment, but often their condition can be treated virtually.

We also use choice architecture to help remind and guide our members to use telemedicine as their first option. Our app is designed to provide a gentle reminder of this no-out-of-pocket-cost option whenever they are seeking care.

For example, if you click on the Find an Urgent Treatment Center link, CareValet provides a quick link to telemedicine. 60% of the time, the virtual doctor can diagnose and prescribe something without your having to visit an urgent treatment center, which is often a significant time commitment.


We believe that you should be in control of your healthcare and that you are best able to make informed decisions about care with your doctors. With CareValet, you are empowered to disrupt the old model of trying to obtain care. You will be able to make the best decisions for your health based on accessibility, cost, quality, and other considerations. Additionally, we feel it is important that you are in control of your care, needs and appointments, and should have the ability to rate and comment on your provider experience. At CareValet, we’ve placed all of these options at your fingertips in an easy-to-use app for your mobile phone and the web.

“Jackson’s Bistro, one of Tampa Bay’s most established and well-liked restaurants in the city, was one of our first clients,” says Aaron Kessinger, Lead Client Consultant. “We used our API connections to load their health plan network of doctors and facilities into the app.” CareValet is digitally connected to over 450 provider networks across the country, so it connected Jackson’s employees with their providers of care and created instantaneous decision-making tools that simplify accessibility: appointment setting, transportation, communication, information, as well as provider rankings and cost comparisons.

“CareValet allows us to provide a valuable healthcare benefit to our employees to make it easier for them to find the care they need,” says Jamie Prockop, General Counsel at Jackson’s. “Telemedicine is especially useful because it saves time and money.”


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