Become A Key Player And The Voice Of Innovation For Your Region

Partner with one of the leading independent publishers across the globe.

Global Village is looking for small to medium-sized marketing and PR agencies to partner with us to nominate the top 100 innovators in your region.

Our mission is to proudly showcase and network the leading innovators and innovation enablers of every City in the World. We are looking to develop 100 new territories through marketing partnerships and joint ventures with companies and individuals with the local know-how and experience to map out the innovation ecosystem of their city or industry.

Our exquisitely produced, high-quality book, online platform, and augmented reality video series allow us to collaborate with people and companies who have proven success in innovation.

There is no selling of advertising. We are a crowd-funded operation producing authentic and desirable books, thereby adding enormous value to our contributors. Many of our partners and their organizations have grown immensely after the successful launch of the innovation book in their community.

We provide all the back-end support, including design, production, printing, and distribution, without any risk to you. With immense economies of scale,
we are able to guarantee the highest quality publishing in the industry.

If you are looking for a rewarding project that will elevate both you and your organization’s profile and introduce you to some of the top innovators in your marketplace, we’d love to hear from you.

Enjoy a 50/50 partnership with us and become the voice of innovation in your region.

To find out more please contact:

Sven Boermeester, CEO of Global village Publishing

Email: [email protected]



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