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Tom Kulzer - Founder and CEO

The heartbeat of every great company is its culture. It is grounded in a company’s mission, vision and core values. It is intentional and requires continual and consistent nurturing.

Having the right people is essential to maintaining and growing a thriving company culture. Here are three ways you can hire the right people who fit in with your company culture and add value to your business, something we like to call “hiring for AWesome.”

Recruit for your core values.

If your company’s core values aren’t embodied by your team, then they’re just words on a wall. Making sure your team lives by your core values starts with how your company recruits. Ensure that candidates reflect those values by asking probing questions during the interview process to uncover signs of awesomeness.

One of our core values is to create remarkable experiences for our customers and our team. We ask candidates what “creating remarkable experiences” means to them and how they would exemplify this in the work they do at AWeber.

Awesome leads to more awesome.

The good thing about hiring for awesome is that it begets more awesome. One of the best ways to achieve this is to involve team members in the hiring process by implementing group interviews. It sounds intimidating — or maybe even unnecessary — but it doesn’t have to be if you make it less about an interview and more about a discussion.

Allowing existing team members the chance to participate and help assess candidates will undeniably help you hire a candidate who will easily add to the culture and thrive within your company.

You’ve got the art, now add some science.

Behavioral assessments help you get a feel for communication styles and other work-related behaviors before a candidate is hired. Use behavioral assessments as an added perspective and to help you consider more qualified applicants during the process. Always keep in mind the goal — to hire a qualified candidate, who can integrate well with the existing team, as well as add a new outlook.

When you focus on hiring for awesome and finding the right people who will help your company’s culture continue to grow and thrive, you’ll ensure that your business will continue to grow and find success for years to come.

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