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Alakai Defense Systems Inc., headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida, has invented, developed, manufactured, and deployed world-record-setting sensor systems to protect deployed soldiers and first responders from bombs and other threats. They specifically specialize in laser-based remote sensing systems for the detection of bombs, IEDs, truck bombs, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), narcotics, and numerous other hazardous materials at long-range for the defense and security space.

Alakai’s motto since founding in 2004, is “We were Soldiers, our children are Soldiers, our Mission is to protect the Soldier.” The current incarnation of Alakai was established in Florida in 2006 by Ed Dottery, a West Point graduate and Army officer who commanded in the Infantry and Special Forces before returning to the West Point physics faculty, after an applied physics degree from Stanford University.

Mr. Dottery has made it his lifelong mission to serve and protect soldiers through next-generation sensor development. These sensors detect bombs and other threats farther, faster, and safer than the current state of the art.
Alakai’s first true product was for fixed sites or vehicle-mounted– the Check Point Explosive Detection System (CPEDS), which can detect threats at football field distances and as of this writing has been deployed by the US Army for over two years, and other organizations are following suit. The CPEDS is an extreme standoff range system for Entry Point Security such as a port, military installation, or any other use that requires an extremely long-range detection.

“We were Soldiers, our children are Soldiers, our Mission is to protect the Soldier.”

A man-portable variant, PRIED, for Portable Raman Improvised Explosive Detector was then developed by Alakai for the US Special Operations Command. PRIED is contained in a backpack with a hand-held wand design to quickly detect various hazards such as explosives, narcotics, and chemical warfare agents. Alakai’s PRIED was cited by SPIE (International Society for Optics and Photonics) in 2016 as one of the top 3 most innovative optical sensor in the world in a Silicon Valley ceremony.


Alakai has been the recipient of various awards and recognitions including: the Florida Governor’s Business Diversification Award – Entrepreneurship (Major Market), Emerging Technology Company of the Year, Florida Companies to Watch, Florida Fast 50, and three years on the Inc. 5000 list. In addition to its Florida base of operations, Alakai maintains offices in Fort Leonard Wood, MO and the Washington DC metro area.

Alakai Defense Systems

8285 Bryan Dairy Road
Suite 125
Largo, FL 33777

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