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Our region is experiencing transformative evolution like never before. Specifically, Tampa Bay’s business community is booming; outside companies continue to relocate to our business-friendly – and sunny – climate, while startups emerge daily. As new and established companies seek to grow and innovate, they turn to the innovation experts at Skoda Minotti to help them thrive in ways they never imagined. Since our founding in 1980, we have steadily evolved from our roots as an accounting and tax firm to encompass an unrivaled family of services that today includes: • Accounting and tax, • Risk advisory services, • Financial planning and wealth management, • Information technology, • Human Resources services, • Strategic marketing, and • Valuation and litigation support Skoda Minotti - Chamber Womens Lunch Skoda Minotti - rays luncheon 2017 Today, we offer innovative, results-driven approaches to client service in every facet of our business. Our risk advisory services, as just one example, are designed around newly implemented, leading-edge strategies and systems that help clients effectively manage risk and meet the continuously evolving compliance requirements of their respective industries. The spirit of innovation that drives us to help clients achieve success also has earned us multiple awards for our firm’s culture, continued revenue growth, and client satisfaction. In 2018, Skoda Minotti was again named one of the Best Places to Work by the Tampa Bay Business Journal—our fourth consecutive appearance on this prestigious list. As a key part of our commitment to innovation, the firm offers proprietary leadership and professional development programs, a comprehensive training platform and a variety of community-based activities year-round. As a result, employees enjoy teamwork, camaraderie, and collaboration among all levels of the employment base, while clients gain the benefit of advisors whose knowledge and insight are continually ahead of the curve. Skoda Minotti - chili cookoff 2017 Skoda Minotti - St. Joe's 2017 Group As a firm with local roots and national reach, Skoda Minotti is listed on Inside Public Accounting’s 2018 Top 100 firms nationwide. This is the fifth consecutive year the firm has been ranked on the industry’s prestigious list. Additionally, we are a member of The Leading Edge Alliance, the second largest international professional association encompassing 220 accounting, financial and business advisory firms that operate in 106 countries. This unique alliance delivers the ultimate in client service—no matter what your accounting, financial or business advisory needs may be, you’ll receive unparalleled access to the knowledge, skills, and experience of a global network of experts. Our culture of innovation, combined with our deep and longstanding ties to the Tampa Bay community and organizations like Synapse, Florida Funders, and Leadership Tampa Bay, positions Skoda Minotti as the ideal firm of choice for Tampa Bay businesses that seek new levels of growth and profitability. To learn more about Skoda Minotti and our approach to helping businesses innovate and grow, visit or call (813) 288-8826. Phone: (813) 288-8826 Email: [email protected] twitter | facebook | linkedin


new generation headhunters Pronexia team pic Pronexia was founded in 2010 to do things differently. Like many businesses, the headhunting firm was born out of a need to revolutionize and elevate an old-school, uber-traditional, morally-questionable industry. Five minutes with Pronexia’s founders, Moranne Elarar and Marina Byezhanova, and it becomes clear that they are anything but traditional – and it seems that from the outset, the odds were stacked against them. Launching in the midst of an economic recession and with a newborn baby each (they went on to have five kids between the two of them while growing the business), the two started in a tiny basement office, working countless hours with nothing but microwaved noodles and sheer grit pushing them forward. Within three years’ time, the business scaled and began to generate over $1 million in revenue. The team grew in headcount, bringing on key members in sales and recruitment that remain members of the team today. Headhunting and recruitment services evolved into a full-force marketing machine with the launch of Montreal’s first-ever conference series on the topic of company culture. The Pronexia brand began to diversify: once known as a new-generation recruitment firm eventually became a notoriously well-managed, progressive player within the business community as a whole. Armed with a client base comprising of A-list companies of different sizes in technology, manufacturing, retail, and beyond, Pronexia became less of a recruitment agency and more of a full-service partnership firm that built relationships and consulted its clients on everything from hiring to culture to training and beyond. Pronexia Team Movember Pronexia Office Catering primarily to small and medium-sized organizations, Pronexia is a team of entrepreneurs who are passionate about working directly with entrepreneurs, aiming to bring value to founders and change-makers within a company. Experts at helping businesses fill executive-level, key roles within their companies, Pronexia understands entrepreneurship from the inside-out. Eventually, Pronexia opened a second satellite office in Vancouver, and continued to grow its presence across Canada. Making waves came naturally: they have been featured in publications including Inc., Success Magazine, Forbes, Yahoo News, Financial Post, Fast Company, as well as a number of radio and television programs. Creating buzz aside, the firm makes a mission of producing innovative content for its audience, passionate about bringing value to its community by refuting clichés and bringing fresh perspectives to the business world. Pronexia went on to re-brand itself for the next phase of its evolution as a strategic consulting firm, helping small and medium-sized companies across the country audit, understand, and improve their company culture. While the days of microwaved noodles are far gone, a relentless commitment to its values remains: transparency, integrity, and a drive to continuously innovate have heavily influenced the company’s success. Today, you might find the team’s founders speaking at conferences, meetups, or to university classrooms across the globe – keeping it real at all times, of course. Anti-corporate, agile, and committed to bringing real value to its clients and to its audience, the firm remains anything but average. Part headhunting firm, part company-culture consultancy, part content machine: Pronexia continues to innovate its industry – and they have a ton of fun in the process. Pronexia marina and moranne Pronexia radio interview
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Sara Hand – CEO, Visionary Leader Spark Growth




Leaders Conference Strategic Doing Workshop Day - spark growth
Leaders Conference Workshop Report – Stacy Prouty and Sara Hand
Spark Growth is an innovation consulting firm whose projects take shape across cultures, time zones, industry clusters and business sectors, leveraging expertise across the innovation value chain from idea stage to exit. Spark Growth works alongside our clients to identify potential and possibilities for growth and to develop authentic solutions specific to each client’s needs. Our specialty is in identifying your specific strategic needs and helping you to see things that you cannot see and connecting you with the resources needed to successfully implement your project. Our experience provides unique insight and perspective without traditional constraints, and when necessary we draw on global connections to build a team of talented resources picked specifically for your project needs and goals. Knowing that you need to make changes and bringing those changes to fruition are very different things. For the future of your organization, how you manage change is as important as knowing what changes to make. At Spark Growth, we design experiences and create environments ripe for innovation, the development of community, and that change the way people think while inspiring them to act upon their new learnings. With Spark Growth, results matter!
Spark Growth - Really working at WaVE
Strategic Doing Workshop working session Tampa Bay Wave
Spark Growth - Leaders Conference Panel - Change, challenge, the future and navigating new terrain
Leaders Conference Panel – Change, challenge and the future – Glenn Wintrich, Tony Collins and Stan Schultes
“If you want better answers, ask better questions.” At Spark Growth our diverse expertise gives us a unique perspective delivering different results. Thought Leadership – In an information-rich world, context is critical, and insight is invaluable. Convening like-minded leaders across sectors to connect, share best practices and work together to change the world. Smart Cities/Innovation Districts Asking the important question, “How do we better serve our citizens?” By focusing on quality of life and work, smart communities harness technology with answers as unique as each city. Community Engagement – Where community members are treated as more than sources of input by becoming part of solution generation and delivery. Business/Economic/Entrepreneur Development – Identifying opportunities for growth, and fostering wealth creation by connecting people, ideas and capital to create value in the marketplace Founded by Sara Hand and Stan Schultes in 2013, Spark Growth notably co-produces Smart Cities Innovation Accelerators with The Innovator’s Forum, an initiative of the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH). These agile strategy workshops empower city decision-makers to develop strong alliances with their peers – enabling them to make more informed decisions, create project scalability, and improve their ROI. Workshops are supported by expert industry partners, helping city decision-makers by offering a broader perspective of successful strategies, and in turn learning firsthand the many issues cities face, and how they can better serve the needs of their city customers.
Spark growth - Todays Decisions Tommorows Future
Today’s Decisions. Tomorrow’s Future. Conference Panel. Ed Chiles, Jacki Dezelski, Nick Choate, Rae Dowling, Sara Hand
Stan Schultes - Chief Innovation Architect Spark Growth
Stan Schultes – Chief Innovation Architect Spark Growth
Spark Growth has developed and actively run several community-building efforts including DaVinci’s Faire, an interactive and multi-generational event now in its 10th year, Station 2 Innovation a cowork and community space for entrepreneurs, and the Thought Leader Exchange which convenes like-minded leaders across sectors to connect, share best practices and tackle emerging issues in society, technology, and innovation. Numerous opportunities for Spark Growth’s participation in global ecosystem development include: U.S. State Department Friends of Global Entrepreneurship Program, the United Nations’ launch of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Dell/Harvard Future-Ready Economies Summit, Telefonica/Harvard Digital Life in Latin American Cities, Startup India Rocks competition grand finale, and the 2018 Global Center for Executive and Entrepreneurship Development (CEED) Conference in Tunisia. Sara’s goal in life is to work with cool people on cool projects that make a difference. Stan’s is to work on interesting problems at the convergence of technology, business and community that make an impact on the places we work and live. spark growth logo

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Ben Franklin is credited with having said, “Out of adversity comes opportunity.” That was certainly very true for the scientist-entrepreneurs who gathered around a café table in the winter of 2013 to found Cyclenium Pharma. Having just experienced the unexpected closure of their previous enterprise’s research site and after unsuccessful attempts to license any of that company’s assets, they faced a daunting industry landscape without a laboratory in which to work, no products to jump-start a new company, a very difficult funding environment, increasing competition in their technology focus area, and a great deal of uncertainty in the local biotechnology community. Undeterred, they did possess a very strong belief that the excellent potential in small molecule macro-cycle drug discovery, a field that their prior firm had pioneered, had been barely scratched. As such, it was ripe for the novel strategy they had collectively conceived, which was envisioned to be able to overcome the deficiencies of then current approaches, and permit Cyclenium to make its own indelible mark in the area. CYCLENIUM PHARMA - Building_NEOMED_Institute Adding to the challenge was that they were approaching the always arduous task of drug discovery from a chemistry platform perspective, which has significant advantages in being pharmacological target and therapeutic indication agnostic, with concomitant very broad practical applicability. Traditionally, however, most biotech companies are focused around a disease, a target or, occasionally, biological platform that can be directly related to these two, which permits easy and rapid categorization and valuation. In contrast, chemistry technologies are often un- or, at best, under-appreciated, despite being a fundamental part of most solutions. Nonetheless, armed with their own checkbooks, a number of highly intriguing structural design concepts, a few pieces of used scientific equipment, over 150 years combined pharmaceutical industry experience, a proven track record in progression of macrocyclic molecules from discovery into the clinic, and, of course, many dreams, the founding team intrepidly embarked on their vision to make “Today’s Macrocycles for Tomorrow’s Medicines” and joined what has since become a renaissance in the biotechnology industry in Montreal. Chemist_at_hood - CYCLENIUM PHARMA Combinatorial_chemistry - CYCLENIUM PHARMA To translate their designs into reality, Cyclenium established itself as one of the first discovery firms to become resident at the non-profit NEOMED Institute in the Montreal Technoparc, which has served as a nurturing eco-system of research, contract and service organizations, and proven quite beneficial for companies in their early stages. The Cyclenium research team then combined their scientific acumen, keen technical insight, and never-say-die attitude to overcome the roadblocks inherent in every new research endeavor: technical difficulties, failed experiments, equivocal results, and strategic dead-ends. In particular, by leveraging their excellent knowledge base in macro-cyclic drug discovery and exceptional depth of understanding of the unique properties of these spatially-defined chemical structures, they succeeded within the initial two years in creating the critical elements required for their proprietary CMRT™ (“smart”) macro-cyclic drug discovery technology and constructing the associated QUEST™ screening library. The true power of CMRT is perhaps best reflected in the broad diversity of therapeutic areas in which active programs have already originated from its application, including anti-infectives, central nervous system disorders, cystic fibrosis, and oncology. Indeed, in its first five years of existence, Cyclenium Pharma has exploited that innovative technology to systematically build significant and sustainable value through utilizing a synergistic combination of drug discovery collaborations with large pharmaceutical firms desiring access to the unique capabilities of CMRT and risk-sharing partnerships to progress internal projects towards the clinic. Reaching that latter objective will be the primary goal of the next phase of growth, making the future decidedly much clearer and brighter than it appeared around that table only a few short years ago. Chemical_structures- CYCLENIUM PHARMA CYCLENIUM PHARMA -Chemical_structure_in_protein CYCLENIUM PHARMA Founder_Team 7171, rue Frederick Banting, Montréal



Kids Code Jeunesse (KCJ) Since 2013, Kids Code Jeunesse (KCJ), a bilingual Canadian not-for-profit organization, has been dedicated to igniting young minds across Canada by teaching kids to code. In a society driven by technology, KCJ wants to make sure that kids across the country are getting the tools they need to become mindful consumers and creators in an increasingly digital world.

How do they do that?

Founded in Montreal, KCJ introduces computational thinking and computer programming to children 5 to 12 years old. They develop and deliver educational materials using intuitive learning tools that integrate well into the classroom setting. The organization works with school boards across Montreal, including the Commission scolaire de Montréal, the English Montreal School Board and Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys, with a particular emphasis on reaching students in under-served communities. KCJ also offers a series of workshops in community spaces such as their home at the historic Notman House. Titled Code Create Play, these workshops let children explore code through art, games and storytelling, and provide space for them to tinker with Raspberry Pi, micro:bit and other hardware. Over the course of 2 months, there’s lots of time for children to create lots of new projects and make new friends. KCJ acknowledges that at the heart of great education are great teachers. To inspire Canadian educators to bring innovation into their classrooms, the organization runs Code Create Teach workshops that give K-12 teachers the opportunity to learn about coding and computational thinking. In turn, KCJ hopes that teachers receive the tools and the confidence they need to bring coding into their classroom curriculum. To offer more coding opportunities, KCJ also runs Code Club across Canada — a network of free, volunteer-led coding clubs for children, with a mission to bring code to every community in the country. As of 2018, over 500 clubs run weekly in every province and almost every territory, with 45 clubs in Montreal alone. Founded in Montreal, KCJ introduces computational thinking and computer programming to children 5 to 12 years old. KCJ partners with national and international events to offer children more opportunities to explore coding. Throughout the year, they offer Code Create Celebrate workshops in libraries and community centres across Canada, through events such as Astro Pi, Science Literacy Week and Hour of Code. Through their work, KCJ wants to make sure that learning to coding is accessible to all. By introducing coding at an early age and showing how it can be integrated into many subjects — from arts to sports — KCJ wants to build inclusive digital skills communities in Montreal and beyond. Since 2013, KCJ has reached over 150,000 students and over 6000 teachers coast to coast to coast. For KCJ, coding has more benefits than simply learning how to program. It boosts creativity, improves communication, builds critical thinking skills and helps to problem-solve. The first step is learning to code — the second is coding to learn. KCJ partners with national and international events to offer children more opportunities to explore coding. Through their work, KCJ wants to make sure that learning to coding is accessible to all. Depuis 2013, Kids Code Jeunesse (KCJ), un organisme canadien bilingue à but non lucratif, se consacre à inciter les jeunes esprits du Canada à apprendre à coder. Dans une société axée sur la technologie, KCJ veut s’assurer que tous les enfants du pays disposent des outils nécessaires pour devenir des consommateurs et des créateurs conscients dans un monde de plus en plus numérique.

Comment faisons-nous tout cela?

Fondé à Montréal, KCJ enseigne la pensée informatique et la programmation informatique aux enfants de 5 à 12 ans. Ils développent et distribuent du matériel pédagogique à l’aide d’outils d’apprentissage intuitifs qui s’intègrent bien dans la salle de classe. L’organisme travaille avec les commissions scolaires de Montréal, y compris la Commission scolaire de l’île de Montréal, la Commission scolaire English-Montréal et la Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys, en veillant particulièrement à atteindre les élèves des communautés mal desservies. KCJ propose également une série d’ateliers dans des espaces communautaires tels que la Maison Notman, son domicile historique. Intitulés Coder Créer Jouer, ces ateliers permettent aux enfants d’explorer le code à travers l’art, le jeux et le récits. Les enfant bricolent également avec des Raspberry Pi, des micro:bit et d’autres matériels informatiques. En deux mois, les enfants ont le temps de créer de nouveaux projets et de se faire de nouveaux amis. KCJ sait qu’au coeur d’une éducation riche se trouve d’excellent.e.s enseignant.e.s. Pour inciter les éducateurs-trices à innover dans leurs salles de classe, KCJ organise des ateliers Coder Créer Éduquer permettant aux enseignant.e.s de la maternelle à la 12e année (5e secondaire) de se familiariser avec la programmation et la pensée informatique. Nous espérons que les enseignant.e.s reçoivent les outils et la confiance dont ils ont besoin pour intégrer la programmation en classe. Pour offrir davantage de possibilités de programmer, KCJ gère également Code Club Canada – un réseau de clubs de programmation gratuits pour les enfants, dirigé par des bénévoles, qui a pour mission d’apporter le code dans toutes les communautés du pays. En 2018, plus de 500 clubs se rencontrent chaque semaine dans toutes les provinces et presque tous les territoires, dont 45 clubs se situe à Montréal. For KCJ, coding has more benefits than simply learning how to program. KCJ s’associe à des événements nationaux et internationaux pour offrir aux enfants davantage d’occasions d’explorer le code. Tout au long de l’année, nous proposons des ateliers Coder Créer Célébrer dans des bibliothèques et des centres communautaires partout au Canada, dans le cadre d’événements tels qu’Astro Pi, la Semaine de la culture scientifique et l’Heure de Code. Par son travail, KCJ veut s’assurer que l’apprentissage de la programmation est accessible à tous. En introduisant le code dès le plus jeune âge et en montrant comment il s’intègre dans de nombreux domaines comme les arts et le sports. KCJ souhaite créer des communautés de compétences numériques inclusives à Montréal et ailleurs. Depuis 2013, KCJ a rejoint plus de 150 000 élèves et plus de 6 000 enseignant.e.s d’un océan à l’autre. Pour KCJ, la pensée informatique présente plus d’avantages que le simple apprentissage de la programmation. Elle stimule la créativité, améliore la communication, renforce la pensée critique et aide à résoudre les problèmes. La première étape c’est d’apprendre à coder – la seconde consiste à coder pour apprendre. KCJ logo

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