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B2 Communications Kyle and Missy
Missy Hurley and Kyle Parks co-founded the firm in 2010 after recognizing a need in the market for strategic communications.
B2’s success is based on clients staying with the firm for the long term. And that success is reflected in the firm’s growth: Since B2’s founding in 2010, the firm has become one of Tampa Bay’s top PR agencies. Some of the strategies that we use to amplify organizations’ stories include: • Messaging strategy: Strong messaging sets the foundation for all communications from the organization. • Media coaching: Training clients to shine at interviews, speaking engagements or networking events. • Media relations: News media coverage positions an organization and its executives as thought leaders and provides third-party credibility. • Content development: Concise and powerful content delivered through websites, blogs, newsletters, and other channels that reach targeted audiences. • Social media: Strategies for using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and others to connect with target audiences. • Crisis communications: Reputation management counsel when it matters the most – when the organization is preparing for or managing a crisis situation.
B2 communications - Kyle at ULI Florida 2016 Summit
Kyle Parks is an expert in crisis communications. He presented on the topic at Urban Land Institute (ULI) Florida’s Summit in 2016.
B2 communications Synapse Innovation Summit 2018
Missy Hurley and Alana Siceloff worked with Synapse on marketing for the 2018 Innovation Summit, which had more than 3,500 in attendance.
Our clients are working on a local, regional and national scale. Our communications strategies on behalf of Sunstar Paramedics, Colliers International, SPCA Tampa Bay and Ybor City Development Corp. have won awards from national industry groups and statewide PR associations. B2’s often tapped for its PR expertise and local knowledge by its counterparts in PRConsultants Group, a network of leading public relations firms in the nation’s top 50 markets. Our work is bold enough to have a national impact, but our team is small and nimble enough to retain our local touch. One way our team stays current on the local landscape is through The Tampa Bay 100. B2’s talented team produces the bi-weekly digital publication, which includes 100-word stories about local businesses and nonprofits, events, breweries, restaurants and history. The Tampa Bay 100 has more than 18,000 subscribers.B2 communications - CFTB with High Risk Hope
B2 works with clients like the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay to raise visibility and awareness through media relations. Wilma Norton (right), vice president of marketing and communications for the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, and Bailey Nicholas (center), executive director of High-Risk Hope, were interviewed about their organizations’ impact on the community by “Positively Tampa Bay” host Lissette Campos (left).
B2 communications Bowtie Ball 2017
B2 supports organizations that are making an impact, like the Poynter Institute. The B2 team attended Poynter’s Bowtie Ball, which honored PBS NewsHour anchor and managing editor Judy Woodruff, in 2017.

Find out what strategic public relations can do for your business.

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In 2018, VasoTechnology, a.k.a. NetWolves Network Services (NetWolves) celebrated 20 years in the technology sector with a host of new products and services in line with its origins as a cybersecurity company. Our flagship offering is a unique look at Enterprise IT supporting our extensive managed services business. This “new view” is going to change the way companies approach their IT ecosystem and will make outsourcing a much more transparent and viable option. VasoTechnology Cyber Command Center NetWolves launched into the network security appliance market in late the 1990s when it went public via a reverse merger. While the Company achieved early successes with banking and logistics customers, it needed to diversify quickly in the wake of the “Dot-com-bubble” and sought expansion with a service offering. The Company achieved this transformation in 2002 with the acquisition of Norstan Network Services, an FCC-licensed common carrier. This Minnesota-based telecommunications provider came with a mix of several thousand business and residential customers and a single facility partner, namely, Sprint. Today, our network aggregation business boasts more than 15,000 business locations globally – delivering both primary and disaster-recovery networks from over 150 different facility partners, including wire-line, wireless, fiber and satellite products. Throughout the 2000s, the company continued to diversify itself and made its mark as a managed service provider (MSP) by committing to customer-focused solutions – not only by incorporating its patented proprietary technology, but also by bundling in other “best-in-class” solutions that organizations required but didn’t have the capacity to deploy and manage. Once again, the Company would have its resolve tested in the market collapse of 2007 and determined that a private vehicle would be the best structure to weather the storm. From 2008 through 2015, the Company was able to grow by 65% and deliver year-on-year profitability. Commenting on this, Peter Castle, Company President, stated, “Throughout our history, our success and longevity has been attributable to several factors:, first and foremost our customers who stood by us through thick and thin, as we have stood by them. Additionally, I want to recognize our employees, many of whom work tirelessly, as if it were their own business. Finally, our flexibility and nimbleness, which has so often put us ahead of market trends and always diversified our risk.” VasoTechnology Network Command _ Control Once again, we found ourselves in the midst of a transformation, this time during an “upmarket”. We were acquired by Vaso Corporation (Vaso), in June 2015, with the intention of creating VasoTechnology, our current entity, and the flagship growth engine for Vaso. At the core of the new business unit are the operations of NetWolves Network Services and VasoHealthcareIT (VHCIT). VHCIT is a healthcare application value-added reseller (VAS) launched in late 2014 after signing the first National Specialty VAR agreement with GEHC. This marriage not only provided the NetWolves MSP model access to applications management, but more importantly access to the Healthcare vertical market, both of which were key elements of the company’s strategic roadmap. While there have been many challenges associated with launching a Healthcare Applications VAR, for example, slow revenue pull-through and significant cash investments, it has delivered in three short years in excess of $18 million in gross contract value. Further commenting, Mr. Castle stated, “None of this would have been possible without the support from and partnership with our sister organization, VasoHealthcare (VHC), GEHC’s largest partner selling imaging systems on an exclusive basis predominantly to the healthcare middle market, and our parent, Vaso, who maintains a strong cash position and the vision to fund this strategy.” 2018 is not only a bookmark signifying 20 dynamic years in the technology industry, but will also usher in a new era and see the beginning transformation from a Technology Services Bureau to a Data Services Bureau. More will be shared on our future strategy and plans over the course of the year. At the center of our vision, “The New View into Enterprise IT”, is the ability to give all levels of management transparency and accountability across the entire IT ecosystem, or as we refer to it, “All-things-connected” (ATC). Our vision is focused on the increasing rate at which the enterprise is connecting machines, adding complexity and creating data. IT departments are falling behind the curve in Network, Applications, Compute & Security, and the sensible solution is to get out of the IT management business and turn it over to a purpose-built organization designed around maximizing a company’s ability to see the benefits and effectiveness of outsourcing non-core IT functions.”

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At Be Robin Hood we believe that anyone can be a hero to the people who are less fortunate


Be Robin Hood is an online clothing brand and collection of merchandise where you aren’t shopping for just yourself. Everything you see on the site is either a Be Robin Hood branded product or an altruistically minded company that we have formed a partnership with. Why are we different? Together, we share one vision – to help those in need. By supporting and promoting our partners, we have an opportunity to provide the essentials of life to the less fortunate. Be Robin Hood Merch


The definition of a hero is a vague term since anyone can find their personal hero and role model in anyone who has had an impact on their specific life. Why strive to create a company that is named after a childhood storybook character? At Be Robin Hood we believe that anyone can be a hero to the people who are less fortunate. We provide and promote products from reputable clothing brands who donate part of their profit to those in need or similarly a good cause. Robin Hood was known to live by the motto of “taking from the rich and giving to the poor”. Our interpretation of the story is a little different, but our philosophy is similar. Anyone who has the luxury to eat warm food, drink clean water and buy new clothes is fortunate and in the eyes of the poor considered rich. We urge YOU to be Robin Hood. Be Robin Hood is an online clothing brand and collection of merchandise Be Robin Hood group shot Whether we know it or not, everyone has an internal sense of purpose to better not only ourselves but those around us. This intrinsic motivation to offer a helping hand can produce a refined version of our personas, and give us a sense of purpose in life amongst many other things. We have created an online merchandise and accessory source that gives such a feeling when shopping for apparel. Be Robin Hood is more than a clothing brand. It is more than a store or a company. More than a marketplace or charitable collection. Be Robin Hood is a lifestyle. It is a challenge and a dare. We have a vision to create something amazing and each person who joins in makes that much more of a difference. Together as one, we can Be Robin Hood.


Be Robin Hood’s founder was recognized as a Bay News 9 Everyday Hero. Be Robin Hood branded caps Email: [email protected] Phone: 630-624-9478 facebook | twitter | instagram www.berobinhood.com

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