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Student debt is a massive problem. 44 million Americans are holding roughly $1.4 trillion in student loan debt, and it’s impacting more than just their finances and ability to travel the world. Milestone life events like marriage, home ownership, and starting a family are being put on the back burner while young professionals work to get out from under the debt they accumulated to achieve their educational goals. Making minimum monthly payments is costly in the long run, and we all know it, but many people find it difficult to chip an extra $50 towards their debt at the end of the month. Blowing off some steam with friends is a much easier decision to make. That’s where Spared can help. Spared simply monitors member bank accounts, rounds daily transactions up to the nearest dollar, and pays that “spare change” directly toward the member’s student loans. So $3.50 spent on coffee becomes a coffee plus a $0.50 student loan payment. By using Spared, members will save thousands in interest payments and reach debt-free years faster. Living life on one’s own terms starts with severing ties with student debt. Spared is the creation of the University of Tampa MBA graduates Ryan Lockwood and Ryan Deitrich, both veterans. Ryan Lockwood is a Tampa native who attended Jesuit High School and was an All-American baseball player at USF. After four years in the Navy, he returned to Tampa to complete his MBA and met Ryan Deitrich. Deitrich, a New Jersey transplant, has lived in Tampa for eight years. A Coast Guard veteran, professional poker player, and licensed financial advisor; Deitrich also runs a YouTube series about achieving financial freedom. He and his girlfriend paid off $50,000 in student debt and now live aboard a beautiful sailboat in St. Petersburg.

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BOTH ALUMNI FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA MASTERS IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM, DEAN COLLURA AND ELIOT DILL LAUNCHED TITLETAP IN 2013 WITH A MOBILE APP TO HELP REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS CLOSE FASTER.  Fast forward four years and TitleTap has grown into a robust online marketing platform specifically tuned for Real Estate Attorneys and Title Agents with five solution pillars including secure websites, email marketing, video marketing, social media management and mobile apps.  Currently with 12 on staff, hundreds of customers nationwide, TitleTap has helped facilitate thousands of real estate transactions across the country. “All too often a gap exists with what a customer experiences when they walk into a real estate attorney or title agent’s office compared to what the customer sees online about the business.  Typically the office setting will be professional, engaging and overall a warm experience which is contrary to the experience viewers usually have when researching the business online. Since first impressions are significant, and the majority of those first impressions happen online, our mission is to close the gap.  A dynamic online presence opens the door to new relationships, builds trust and ultimately helps generate business opportunities and that is exactly what TitleTap helps our customers do,” Collura said. Passionate about the customer experience, the two have created a business culture with their team that encourages personal growth, account ownership, communication and autonomy. “Our team is incredible. For most requests, the team member across the line is able to deliver a resolution without bouncing the customer across the organization.  We also communicate with them often and our customers love that,” added Dill. In addition to holding their team and customers in high regard, Dean and Eliot are both family men and work hard to balance the demands of their business with being present at home. “The ability to be plugged in at home and create experiences that fill the cup is a huge driver for why we set out to be entrepreneurs, it is very important to us and one that we carefully continue to balance as our business grows. Knowing that years down the road our kids and spouses can look back with a smile having watched us grow something from the ground up that wasn’t at their expense, makes all the difference in the world,” they both stated.

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Atanas had founded and sold a previous Software Development Company which today is the basis of a Company called After having the proceeds of the sale being managed by an investment advisor and not being happy with the returns he founded Wootrader. Hethen started developing the stock research and investment platform; Financeboards, which utilizes weighted predictive analytics to support the creation of the Financeboards Predictive Analytics Model. This Weighted Predictive Analytics Model, is a tool that measures the performance of 400+ stock metrics from a range of categories (Company Fundamentals, Technicals, Sentiment, Analyst Estimates, and more) and weights the metrics according to their performance, with the weights being used to determine the overall rankings and it became the foundation of the Financeboards Platform. A News blog was also created providing timely and informative news articles on variety of S&P stocks that are also linked to research that has been made available on them. The data for the Financeboards metrics comes from a vast variety of integrated data partners data sources, including; Benzinga, Quandl, Zacks, TradingView, IEX, Semrush, TipRanks, Orats and Quantcha. The Financeboards platform uses those weighted stock metrics to dynamically rank a group of over 4000 stocks daily and make the results available to platform registrants who are made up of Active Stock Market Traders and Investors. Another feature that was added was the ability to add a ticker symbol in a searchable box on the platform and instantly have all of the widgets on all the dashboards updated with that stocks information being displayed. Another one of the improvements included a graphical daily update of the predictive model and its screeners, the models that they are a part of and the categories that also make up the overall Model. Separate historical information on the categories performance history and Models performance history has now also been made available graphically on the website. Finally, eight of the largest and most innovative brokerages were integrated into the allowing platform registrants and subscribers the ability to research a stock and then immediately place a trade if the research supported making an investment. These brokerages include TDAmeritrade, Scottrade, OptionsHouse, Fidelity, TradeKing, TradeStationTradier, and Ally Investment Group. In 2016 Financeboards introduced a number of additional major enhancements to the platform, one being the ability to configure your own dashboard(s) of financial data and information by selecting from over 500 preconfigured widgets of data and information that are searchable on the platform. These widgets also include data from the Financeboards models and screeners. At the same time over 40 preconfigured dashboards were made available to platform registrants which could be added to from the widget inventory. Likewise,tutorials were made available that took the participant through the steps of being able to take any API piece of data or information and turn it into a widget and apply it to their dashboards on the platform.

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Intrinio mobile If you want to buy a latte from your iPhone and pay with bitcoins, then get a home loan while it brews, you can do it, but if you want to do serious financial analysis you are out of luck. Most people never even consider doing their own investing because, unless you have advanced training and deep pockets, it’s too complicated and too expensive. Intrinio is a financial technology company on a mission to make investment data so affordable and so accessible that everyday people can invest as easily as they buy coffee. Intrinio started out trying to create an automated investing tool, but the founding team quickly realized getting data to power the analyses would be too costly. Traditional data providers quoted the firm $50,000. A month. That’s because a few big firms have an oligopoly on the stock prices and financial statements that are required to analyze a stock to see if it would be a good investment. For the startups that want to build revolutionary investing tools, it’s a non-starter. Instead of building the app, Intrinio’s founders decided to build a new kind of financial data company- one that was so affordable, startups could use it to build investment apps for non-professionals. The team learned to code and set to work using artificial intelligence, statistical algorithms, and application programming interfaces (APIs) to build an efficient, modern data platform. As Intrinio’s team began adding data, developers started to show up looking to use the data. Those developers have built tools that make financial data accessible in Excel, Google Sheets, and dozens of other user-friendly services. Those apps make it possible for individuals, people who could never afford to analyze stocks themselves, to think for themselves about investments even if they aren’t professional investors. Intrinio learned that if you make financial data affordable and accessible, developers will come. Once the developers get to work, investors will come. Intrinio data screenshot Intrinio In 2016, Intrinio had more than 50 companies build applications for investors as part of the Developer Program, an initiative that gives free data to startups. In 2017, Intrinio is on pace to become the largest fintech incubator in the state of Florida. Hundreds of thousands of investors have used the tools these companies build to analyze stocks, track the broader market, and learn to invest. It’s all made possible by innovative data collection and distribution technology invented by Intrinio’s developers. The growth of Intrinio’s platform has been so explosive, with new data types and apps being added on a weekly basis, that Intrinio launched the Fintech Marketplace so investors could shop for data and tools to power their analyses. Shopping for investment apps wasn’t a thing until Intrinio came along, but now individuals can search for the analytics tools and data they need right from their phones, subscribing in seconds for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Intrinio graphs Intrinio excel screenshot

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A DIGITAL MEDIA COMPANY HEADQUARTERED IN ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA While managing massive student loans and debt in 2010, Kyle Taylor began to write about his adventures in making and saving money. Readers responded, and this culminated into the launch of Under Kyle’s leadership, The Penny Hoarder has grown to one of the largest publications on the web, reaching millions of readers a month. Through the website and engagement on multiple social media platforms, their content delivers an empowering message on how to earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Penny Hoarder has pioneered a new kind of personal finance media with stories about real people and actionable money tips that make a true difference in our readers’ budgets.

“Our goal is to improve the lives of everyday folks by helping them spend less time worrying about their finances and more time enjoying their lives.”

– KYLE TAYLOR, CEO In August 2015, The Penny Hoarder opened its first brick-and-mortar location in downtown St. Petersburg. Today, the company is rapidly growing, employing over 70 people and actively growing its team of tech, media and creative professionals. The Penny Hoarder is a digital media brand under the Taylor Media family. Contact Information

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