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In 2008, we saw the beginning of a boom which led to “The Food Truck Craze”. Popularity, acceptance, and numbers all grew explosively. However, organization, structure, direction, and technology did not. Currently, food truckers are mainly on their own. They take the entrepreneurial plunge and cross their fingers. There is no true partner or resource to genuinely help them effectively sell, market, and run their businesses through connecting technologies, content creation, and operational software. Until now. EatMobile is the Food Truck Connection. As an advocate for the industry, we collaborate with food trucks directly to determine the best plans of action to help lead to greater success for all. Everything we do, say, and develop goes through them resulting in our efforts being a relayed message from the industry itself, and the birth of a movement. Together, what we’ve found is an overall need to reduce risk for food truck owners. One of the main challenges is a lack of information and data for the food truckers to leverage to make business decisions. The trucks are provided little to none, and even inaccurate information, making almost every decision they make a gamble (events, parking spots, and menu items for example). We have found a way to solve this problem by coining a tagline: “Driven by Data, Fueled by People”. We are building a Food Truck Platform. While understanding that each truck is its own unique and independent business, we leverage data and analytics to best match them with qualified catering and event opportunities that make the most sense for their specific needs. All powered through a custom booking platform. Additionally, we create and market quality content to share their stories and passions with the public through a custom food truck profile where we also provide connecting technologies like geolocation, real-time menus, and much more. From left to right: Matt Land; CEO – EatMobile, Megan Carlson; Community Engagement Manager – Feeding Tampa Bay, Thomas Mantz; Executive Director – Feeding Tampa Bay, Lori Townsend; COO – EatMobile, Jacob Lishen; CRO – EatMobile Eat Local | Think Global “Connecting communities with local businesses is how EatMobile strives to change the world.” – Jacob Lishen | CRO Family, Friends, and Good People EatMobile believes in the strength of family and friendship, and the values that come from spending time together. Local Business By helping small businesses be more profitable, EatMobile helps economic growth and gives more people the opportunity to support their families and achieve the American dream. Local Spending As food trucks see more business and the industry grows, the local economy benefits and more money is circulated into the community. Stronger Communities More profitable local businesses and steady jobs mean stronger, more stable communities. About Us From humble beginnings to the Fortune 500, we bring a unique set of life and work experiences to the food truck industry. Between global enterprise-level software development paired with creative marketing and a tenacious work ethic, we stand ready to disrupt and bring new positive change to an incredible industry. A company driven by passion, innovation, and good wholesome people: We are EatMobile.

“Eat Fresco is challenging yesterday’s model of mass-produced packaged foods, made with questionable ingredients, shipped frozen around the country.”

Leading the market, Eat Fresco has developed a fresh and local approach that re-imagines packaged foods and elevates the standard for fresh prepared foods. Fresco Foods, Inc. was founded in Tampa in 2015 by Rob and Tracy Povolny. Personally, they were looking for great tasting food they could feel good about eating, without sacrificing time, flavor or nutrition. Frustrated with the available options, they created Eat Fresco. Taking the leap of faith into the entrepreneurial world from corporate life was surprisingly, not a difficult decision. Both Rob and Tracy felt passionate about the venture and confident in the opportunity. Rob spent many years working in the consumer packaged goods industry. He saw firsthand the disconnect between big food manufacturers and what people were seeking. “There’s such a void in the market for convenient packaged foods that aren’t mass-produced and shipped frozen around the country. We’re taking a local or regional approach, rather than building a factory in the middle of the country. We are creating a fresh solution free from preservatives or anything artificial.” Eat Fresco caters to regional and seasonal tastes- something the big manufacturers find operationally challenging. Tracy had a long-time interest in nutrition and healthy living. From a young age, her family instilled in her the importance of eating right and staying active. “It’s rewarding to see our vision taking shape and gratifying to be part of our mission.” Their vision is to change the way packaged food products are made and distributed, making lives easier by offering fresh, deliciously local, real food. Eat Fresco’s mission is to create fresh, delicious food, made locally. We strive to make life easier with real food you can feel good about eating! Recipes focus on robust flavors, quality ingredients, all-natural proteins, and organic vegetables. The result is a delicious, yet healthy entree, high in protein with significantly less sodium than other packaged foods, on average 400 calories. Innovative packaging locks in freshness without the need for freezing or preservatives. The clear, see-through film offers transparency, showcasing real food. Meals are ready to eat in less than 2 minutes with microwave cooking. The line currently includes eight entrees, such as Balsamic Glazed Salmon with Orzo and Roasted Chicken in Sriracha Barbecue Sauce with green beans and macaroni and cheese. Ultimately, other products will be added to the Eat Fresco brand, such as breakfast bowls and entrees geared towards kids. Since its launch into their first store in February 2015, Eat Fresco is now sold in over thirty retailers across the Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and Orlando areas. The brand continues gaining momentum throughout Florida in specialty food and mainstream grocery stores, among other retail channels. In February 2017, Fresco Foods opened their own state of the art commercial kitchen in East Tampa, designed with production capacity to service approximately 1,000 retailers throughout Florida. Future plans include expansion into other regions by establishing additional commercial kitchens to scale the business. Fresco Foods has assembled a strategic team and the essential resources to build a large-scale, industry-altering business. They aspire to positively impact our community by providing employment opportunities and contributing to local charities such as Feeding America Tampa Bay and Daystar Life Center.



The Doolittle Institute (DI), operating as DEFENSEWERX, is a 501c3 non-profit chartered to help defense industry partners create and expand innovative and entrepreneurial environments

We believe the key to success is the degree to which industry, academia, and government participants “collide” – formally, informally, and socially – with a focus on results and a shared sense of urgency. At our Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) campus in Fort Walton Beach and within the USSOCOM SOFWERX enterprise in Tampa we provide the framework within which our customers collaborate to solve tough science and technology challenges and rapidly prototype solutions. Along the way, we encourage open exchanges of ideas and encourage participants to offer innovative concepts hidden behind proprietary firewalls and within academic patent vaults. Our role includes promoting workforce development and STEM initiatives to create pipelines for talent and outreach to evolving methods of advanced manufacturing within the private industry. If we do our job well, the nation’s warfighters get better tools faster that help them accomplish their mission with lower risk, our industry partners embrace more technology for both government and commercial markets, and our academic partners move more theory into reality. To support the above objectives, DEFENSEWERX enters into “Partnership Intermediary Agreements” (PIA) with our customers. The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer defines its PIA as a relationship to: “facilitate joint projects and accelerate technology transfer between the lab and private companies. These intermediaries help companies to identify federal technologies that can be licensed and commercialized. They also work to increase the likelihood of successful cooperative activities between the lab and small businesses.” The DEFENSEWERX Team (from right to left): Beth Hanning, STEM Outreach Director; Laurie Moncrieff, Executive Director; Voncille Jones, Facilities Manager; Carolyn Fries, Technology Transfer Principal; Robert Kirila, Chief of Operations In Tampa, our customer USSOCOM explains it this way: “To support USSOCOM’s continued emphasis on innovation, SOF AT&L has established a venue called SOFWERX; an unclassified, open collaboration activity designed to bring nontraditional partners from industry, academia, and the government together to work on USSOCOM’s most challenging problems. SOFWERX was established under a Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) with the Doolittle Institute. A PIA is an agreement between the government and an intermediary organization such as state and local governmental agencies and nonprofit entities operated by or on behalf of a state or local government to perform partnership intermediary services such as promotion of cooperative or joint activities with small business firms and educational institutions that need technology-related assistance.” The specific tasks for DEFENSEWERX to support our Air Force team in Fort Walton and our Special Operations customers in Tampa include: establishing  collaborative environments and running day to day activities; promoting technology transition (getting technology to the warfighter); facilitating technology transfer (getting technology to industry); fostering innovation & collaboration (meeting spaces, networking, and events); and influencing workforce  development (current and future, including intern programs and STEM education). Beyond these specific tasks in support of our customers, DEFENSEWERX joins forces with National, State, and community resources to identify, develop, and introduce innovative new products across government and commercial markets. Success in this area is critical to our defense superiority and economy in general. DEFENSEWERX acts as a neutral facilitator and hyper-connecter between ecosystems to encourage collaboration and overcome barriers to innovation. The key to our approach is outreach to small businesses. These entrepreneurial firms typically have 50 or less employees, and according to the SBA, makeup 99.7% of all employer firms, creating 60-80% of net new jobs since 1990 and accounting for half of the nation’s private-sector workforce and GDP. Small companies produce 13 x more patents per employee than large firms. What was published in the SBA’s first Advocacy report in 1979 remains true today: “Innovation is an essential ingredient for creating jobs, controlling inflation, and for economic and social growth. Small businesses make a disproportionately large contribution to innovations. There is something fundamental about this unusual ability of small firms to innovate that must be preserved for the sake of healthy economic growth”. Tampa, with its large government footprint, world-class academic infrastructure, appealing environment, workforce potential, growing pool of venture capital, and “drumbeat” of tech challenges, is fast becoming a critical “ecosystem” for the growth described above. DEFENSEWERX is working behind the scenes of the evolving Special Operations Command innovation centers at SOFWERX, DIRTYWERX, and now THUNDERDRONE. We are proud to be a part of a growing effort to rekindle the spirit of innovation and to assist in the development and commercialization of cutting edge ideas and connect them with the military and the market.



The Digital Den - Class shot The City of Seminole Recreation Department’s Digital Art Studio known as the “Digital Den” is where creativity and imagination collide with the digital world. The brainchild of a local citizen who donated both hardware and software for the digital art studio is the first of its kind in the State of Florida because it’s housed at Seminole’s Recreation Center. The first item you notice is the bright colored mural on the wall and green walls. Your eyes will soon take you to the hardware. The Digital Den is home to10 Apple iMac computers, 10 Wacom Intuos Draw, 5 Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Touch, Wacom Cintiuq Touch, a true Color monitor, a graphic scanner, and 4k 65 inch TV. As impressive as the equipment is what’s housed in the iMacs is where the fun begins. Each computer is home to 24 creative software and 10 programming/gaming software. The software, normally designed for professionals, allows children, teens and adults the opportunity to use resources never offered at this level. It raises the bar as to what their potential is in learning, and creativity The Digital Den - Teens The Digital Den - Headshot Mark Ely, Community Development Director (Donor) & Becky Gunter, Recreation Director The Digital Den offers instructional classes, day-long workshops, and open den hours for those wanting to check out the equipment and finish projects. Multi-week programs such as 2D Game Design, Digital Sculpting and Customizing Minecraft are a huge success with children and teens. The adults are gravitating towards Graphic Design and Photo Editing. The location of the Digital Den creates a hub of digital arts in Pinellas County with St Petersburg College (SPC) Seminole Campus located across the street. SPC Seminole Campus has an Associate of Science Degree in Digital Arts and the library puts on a Makers Bootcamp. A child can start at SPC in Makers Bootcamp, fine-tune their skills in the Digital Den and then receive a degree all within a half-mile. The City of Seminole Recreation Department recognizes that recreation is not just about sports and by reaching out with alternative programming they are educating, engaging and including more members of the community. The way children play is changing and this exciting program and advance equipment give the ability to reach beyond the sports, fitness and traditional arts and move digital arts and recreation into the future.

Becky Gunter, Recreation Director | City of Seminole Email: [email protected] | Like, Tweet, Snap & Follow: @getseminole


Whether you are resolving a dispute, starting a company, inventing intellectual property, or conducting just about any kind of business, we at de la Peña & Holiday welcome you. We will strive to make your experience with us more valuable, efficient, and enriching than the many alternative legal resources available today. We know you care about results, and we will not stop fighting for them. de la Peña & Holiday has offices in 3 major metropolitan centers around the United States; San Francisco, Los Angeles and Tampa Bay and are always looking to expand our footprint wherever we are needed. OUR EXPERTISE Appellate; Business; Construction; Emerging Companies; Entertainment; Insurance; Litigation; Real Estate; Intellectual Property and Technology Transactions; Cyberliability. COMMUNITY We believe in giving back and benefitting the communities where we live and work. Our firm has a long and proud tradition of providing leadership, financial support and pro bono services to charitable and community organizations throughout California, Florida and beyond our borders. This commitment is demonstrated both individually by our attorneys and staff members, and together as a firm. Whether we are providing support to local food banks, non-profit organizations assisting families, health and wellness causes, education advancement in underprivileged communities, and animal rights causes. de la Peña & Holiday is committed to the betterment of our community. de la Peña & Holiday is a minority and woman-owned firm and as such we are committed to promoting diversity within our firm and throughout the legal profession. We are steadfast in creating opportunities for lawyers of all backgrounds, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or beliefs. Our purpose is to attract, retain and promote exceptional lawyers who reflect the global interests and communities that we serve. We strive to achieve greater diversity and inclusivity, as we deem it vital to our understanding, growth and success. BRENT C. J. BRITTON Brent C. J. Britton is a technology lawyer in de la Peña & Holiday’s San Francisco and Tampa offices and is the managing partner of the Tampa office. He focuses on emerging companies, intellectual property, and technology transactions. For the past 20 years, Brent C.J. Britton has been assisting entrepreneurs and technology companies of all sizes in corporate and intellectual property transactions. A dot-com era Silicon Valley veteran, Britton’s legal career has included tours of duty in several major firms in San Francisco, New York City, and Tampa. In his third year out of law school, Britton founded the noted San Francisco technology law firm, Britton, Silberman & Cervantez, LLP, which was later acquired by Thelen Reid & Priest, LLP. Britton has been a prominent voice for the cultivation of Tampa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem while maintaining strong roots in the San Francisco Bay Area’s emerging companies community. Britton’s clients range from startups to international conglomerates in the fields of digital media and software development, video games, education, mechanical devices, entertainment, telecommunications, healthcare, and nanotechnology. Britton’s legal work covers a full range of services of value to technology companies, such as corporate formation, venture funding, technology licensing and transactions, intellectual property strategy and prosecution (patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets), due diligence and auditing, innovation lifecycle management, mergers & acquisitions, website policies and terms of service, sweepstakes and gambling rules and procedures, employment agreements, and regulatory advice. While in law school in the early 90’s, Britton clerked for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. A former computer scientist and software engineer, Britton is the only lawyer who holds a graduate degree from the MIT Media Laboratory. Alongside his Master of Science from MIT, Britton also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from the University of Maine and a Juris Doctor from the Boston University School of Law. Britton is admitted to practice law in California, New York, and Florida. Britton is an adjunct professor of Creativity and Innovation at the University of South Florida, he is the co-founder of several startups, and he writes and speaks frequently on entrepreneurship, creativity, ethics, and the philosophy of happiness and success. Britton’s book, “Ownability,” an introduction to intellectual property law for entrepreneurs, is available on

400 North Tampa St. Suite 2840 Tampa, FL 33602 Phone: (813) 452 2000 Fax: (813) 489 2520

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Brent C.J Britton – A technology lawyer in de la Peña & Holiday’s San Francisco and Tampa offices and managing partner of the Tampa offices. He focuses on intellectual property, technology transactions, and emerging companies. It is not just a nifty coincidence that both Tampa Bay and San Francisco Bay are referred to as the Bay Area because the communities actually have a lot in common. They are both wonderful places in which to vacation, work, and live, and both are populated by a broad diversity of cultures and generations. Even 20 or 30 years ago, San Francisco’s startup community in the Silicon Valley was already in very healthy shape. One of the reasons the region is such a gold standard for technology startup companies is because they’ve been doing it forever. But even Silicon Valley had its own early movers who created the startup culture for the whole region. Tampa Bay is now at a very similar stage. We have a thriving technology community populated by large, decades-old technology powerhouses; funded companies well on their way to stardom; and a very fertile crop of seed-stage startups pursuing everything from mobile apps to rainwater conservation. We also have a lot of people in this ecosystem who are devoted and passionately moving the needle in Tampa’s entrepreneurship and startup community. And, as they say, it takes a village to raise an ecosystem. Interestingly, both Bay Areas have enjoyed success with technology startups because they are progressive places, almost instinctively. Obviously, the city of San Francisco has a progressive political view almost sewn into its DNA, and that’s important because progressive people automatically appreciate the new thing, they automatically value a startup company because it’s new and interesting and maybe even a little wild and crazy, and it’s at least as valuable as the old proven standard. I would say most people in the world don’t enjoy that level of respect for new ideas, which is why most places are nothing like the Silicon Valley in terms of entrepreneurial output. But that’s changing here in Tampa. The region is enjoying a serious boom in the community’s willingness to value a startup company because it’s new, because it’s wild and crazy, and because it could potentially change the world. If you want to bridge the Bays, I think there’s no question that, while the San Francisco Bay Area is an electric, fun, and wonderful place to live, it is extraordinarily expensive. The cost of living in San Francisco is probably among the highest in the nation, both for families and companies. The idea of moving to San Francisco or its surrounding areas with your family and buying a house, a detached home with a lawn from which you can commute comfortably into the city or the Silicon Valley for work every day is almost impossible unless you’re already independently wealthy. You can sell your condo in San Francisco, you can come to Tampa and you can buy a neighborhood. Ok, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but you can certainly get a beautiful four or five-bedroom home with a lawn and a swimming pool for what you made on your San Francisco condo. Brent C.J Britton - Golden-Gate-Bridge-Side-View-and-San-Francisco-City-Skyline One of the things that’s really incredible about living in Florida is that there’s no state income tax which, say what you will, there’s no doubt that that makes it easier to live here. And while San Francisco is beautifully located geographically and enjoys gorgeous weather, unfortunately, you can’t swim in the ocean. The Pacific Ocean is just too cold to swim in at those latitudes. So you come to Tampa and you’ve got some of the most beautiful beaches in the world sitting there on the Gulf of Mexico just waiting for you to come soak up the rays. One of the things that Silicon Valley has that Tampa’s on the rise with is a very dense community of two things: technology-capable workers and professional venture capitalists. It’s not easy to hire in San Francisco, but there are a lot more engineers than there are practically anywhere else in the world, with a higher PhD quotient than anywhere else in the world. And Tampa’s getting there. We certainly don’t have all the engineering talent in the world that we would like, but more and more are coming every day. Our technology workforce is strong and growing. Tampa Bay is a destination city, it’s the kind of place that people want to come live in. And one of the reasons for that is because the Tampa Bay region and various cities around Tampa Bay are becoming a lot more like San Francisco. There are spots in downtown St. Petersburg where you can’t really tell the difference, where you walk past a Bohemian coffee shop and an art gallery and you could easily be on Filmore Street in San Francisco. We are becoming a cool place to live. Tampa Bay will never be San Francisco and it shouldn’t try to be. We happen to be the other Bay Area, but we’re always going to have our own vibe, and our own culture. Ybor City, for example, is a fun demonstration of our unique hipness. We are continuing to develop our own personality, one with roots in cultural and commercial vibrancy. We’re taking the best out of what we see in other cities, including San Francisco and the Silicon Valley and we’re trying it out here, and we’re seeing what works. Not everything will, but that’s okay; we’ll find our own unique vision about how to be one of the great Bay Areas in the country. Brent C.J Britton de la Peña & Holiday - logo

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